Monday, 1 February 2010

Quick Update

Quick update whilst I am at the computer (not at work today)

The visit to the in-laws went as well as can be expected. Almost word for word. Understanding, but that can be hard when the issue you are being understanding about it married to their daughter. (Badly worded I know, but you get the idea)

But they are fine with me; they are just worried about their daughter. Naturally. It was a tense couple of hours, but by the time we left everything seemed OK. We were discussing kitchens and her dad produced the cut out from the work top that is used to stop the stone breaking in transport (across the hole for the induction hob). Her mum commented that it looked a little brutal and you cause someone serious injury with it so I hid behind Mrs Stace. Everyone laughed... They also offered either of us a place to sleep should we need it.

The throat... Now that is another matter. Off of work today (only online due to an emergency) and have been taking paracetemol every three hours (most you can do) and all it's doing it taking the very edge off... Sleep is not easy, nor is talking or breathing. Have an appointment with the doc in the morning to see what can be done. Seeing as I get this a couple of times per year I am hoping tht the doctor does not do what she said last time I went. She thinks I should just have them removed. Gulp.

Well time for another tablet, and hopefully an hour or so of sleep.

Oh and appologies for being a little quiet except for my blog. I just don't have the energy at present.


  1. I'm glad your in-laws are able to talk about it. I hate to think what my rather conservative in-laws would think!

  2. Argh. Throat stuff. I feel your pain :( I hope the quack can sort you out. Although it's not good for the figure, have you tried a bit of ice cream? I found that helped!

  3. Jenny: Yup, as good as can be expected. See what the future holds - but at least I can stop paniking now

    Lynn: I just realised what I forgot when shopping this morning! Still it is terrible for the figure :(

  4. Glad it went well.
    That is a postive start with them.

  5. Thanks Lisa. Now it's just a case of seeing how it goes.

    They did come out with some difficult questions. Once I have worked through them a little in my head I guess that will be the basis for another post.