Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Welcome the land of the beautiful

Quite what I am doing here I have no idea... But the view is nice :)

While reading Calie's blog with her Beautiful bloggers award, one that I feel she really deserves, and I thought 'Wow, once I've gotten into the swing of this bloging lark it would be nice to get something like this'. Scroll down the page a little and lo and behold there is musings in the listings. I was very pleasently shocked.

Well what can I say - Thank you Calie! I guess I have to work on the quality of my postings to live up to it :)

Now there are a few rules that go with the award:

Thank the person who bestowed the award on to you: Well I did that above but again: Thanks Calie!

Show the award in the post

Link to the bestowers site: Calie's Chronicles

Enumerate 7 interesting things about yourself:
Hmm - do I have 7?

  1. I applied for a job, that required me to move to another country, as a joke. I have been living in that country now for nearly 11 years
  2. I have appeard on Dutch TV at least 3 times (though only recognisable once), and UK TV once (well as a person behind a camera at Assen)
  3. I love the result of valeting cars, but hate the effort and mess involved in doing it right
  4. I have raised Hedgehogs from newborn to being released back into the wild when living with my parents. Cute they may be, but they are also disgusting :)
  5. I love candles, as does Mrs Stace - so much so that we were given so many candles as little wedding gifts that we are still burning them 5 years on
  6. Between Mrs Stace and myself we have nearly 500 books in our spare room
  7. If I ever transitioned there are two items from my wardrobe that I would totally miss: The Raymond Weil watch my parents brought me for getting my degree (though it's quite dainty so I could maybe get away with it anyway) and my 'Assassin Suite' (I didn't come up with the nickname I hasten to add). It's a black suit with a black tie and black shirt, and is the only outfit I own that I actually like what I see in the mirror when dressed (providing I stay looking at the neck down)
Nominate 7 other blogs:
Limiting it to 7 is a challenge but here goes
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  4. My Journey of Transformation. Exact Destination - Unknown
  5. Lori's Revival
  6. Chrissie's Place
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  1. Hi Stace! I was so glad to see some of the blogs you listed. Indeed, they were some of the blogs I wanted to mention. Jess's for sure. I have never communicated with Jess but I feel like we have some things in common and I love her blog as well as yours and all of the others you mentioned.

    Calie xxx

  2. There are more that I would have liked to list - 7 is just not enough :)


  3. Exactly my problem. I should have cheated like Calie.

    Thinking about your wardrobe point, I couldn't think of anything here that special, or alternatively anything I particularly hate the way I look in. Probably because in bloke form I dress in a very nondescript way, I save my fashionista tendencies for girl time. Maybe you're lucky you have bloke stuff you'd miss.

  4. Yeah maybe cheating would have been a better idea :)

    As to the wardrobe... The watch has (amongst other things) a lot of sentimental value. I was not expecting it from my parents and it's a special watch to me.

    The suit... What can I say that really is the only outfit I have that I *really* like.

  5. Congratulations on the badge... and very well deserved too.

    nearly 500 books in our spare room

    That's not a spare room, that's a library :) Weak jokes aside, good for you. A bookshelf with nick-nacks is one thing, but I think they're way more impressive when loaded with books. Any particular faves?

    Thanks for putting my little old blog on the list - there's some good reads in that list (as well as my ramblings! :D )

  6. Wow thank you Stace!
    I feel honoured.

  7. Lynn: Thanks Lynn.

    You're not the first to say that about the books :) When we go to Scotland we normally give ourselves a budget of 100 or so at Waterstones and attack the 3 for 2 tables. If I ever get stopped at customs on the chunnel coming home it's going to be an interesting check. Enough breakfast serial for 6 months, 90 cans of strongbow (12 cans for 10 pounds in the UK 5 pounds for 4 qauter litre bottles in NL so I stock up), enough babycham to last a few months (my mother got me onto Brandy and BabyCham during our last visit), 3 cases of J20 as Mrs Stace likes that but you can't get it in Holland and 20 to 30 books. There may even be some clothes in there as well :) That's the reason a childless couple drives a Volvo estate :)

    Lisa: You deserve it!


  8. Don't forget the Lambrini :)

    There have been times I've been to Canada with near-empty bags and returned paying a luggage premium for similar reasons.

  9. Enough breakfast serial for 6 months, 90 cans of strongbow

    The only cover you need is a National Union of Students card. :)

  10. Jenny: I have a friend who has gone back to India for his brothers wedding - he is actually doing this in reverse. He has to take that much for friends and family that he has one suitcase that is soley for presents and chocolate.

    Lynn: Up until a couple of years ago I was frequently asked at the checkout (esp as I was shopping with my parents) where I was studying. I use to love being asked that @ 30. Unfortunately these days all I get is strange looks :)