Friday, 19 February 2010

Where is my muse?

After a week of having lots of idea's for this weeks posting here I am on a Friday lunchtime, with the office to myself and my thoughts. And they seem to have abandoned me at the moment - taking with them all vestiges of medium term memory over the postings.

I can't wait to finally get rid of the cold that has been haunting me for the last two weeks now. It's causing me pain, and lots of ikky stuff besides, and is making thinking harder than after drinking a bottle or two of cheap plonk.

The only thing I can remember wanting to do a posting about is a website made by a Dutch guy called Basicalled if you link 4Square and Twitter you have the makings of a home security problem. The problem is that the more I looked into it, the more I am not sure how much of a problem it is - but that could always just be the fogged brain that I have at the moment. So there goes one posting idea... But I thought I'd mention it as those who use Twitter may want to look into it and see if they need to change their habbits (or the amount of personal information that's easily findable online) to protect themselves...

Well then I guess I'll get back to trying to find some nice recipes for this weekend - we've got bored of eating simple food week in and week out and have decided that since I like cooking I have to find something nice to make. So far I have a recipe for leak and cheese ravioli and... Not much else. If anyone has a nice recipe they'd like to share please feel free to share :) I guess I have to dust off my Delia's, Jamie Olivers and Silver Spoon* this weekend and start to come up with some nice menus...

Have a good weekend all,

* The Silver Spoon is a *real* Italian cookbook, best selling in Italy for 50 years or so. Some of the recipes are not for the meek (and so I haven't tried them yet) but there are some absolute stunners - and it remindes you that there is so much more to Italian food than pasta - which I could eat everyday of the week, but Mrs Stace gets bored with :)


  1. Silver Spoon is well known in our household...

  2. I liked the please rob me site, and I must say that you have a great computer here at your house, so I'm gonna make me a sandwich, have a drink, and surf a bit, then go on my way.



  3. (googles "silver spoon cookbook") Wow, never heard of it until now. Stace, you've just sold a book to another Italian cookery enthusiast. Mrs. J gets sick of everlasting pasta too, except perhaps the homemade stuff.

    Sorry, no recipes to share from the office, sadly.

  4. I hope you manage to use it more than I do Jess... (used it a lot in the first 6 months, and then got a little lazy)

    Thanks for tidying up after yourself Bree - the house was better than we left it in the morning! I hope you managed to figure out all the equipment :)

    Jenny: Enjoy the food - there are some stunning recpies in there.


  5. @Jenny - lol....I googled it too.

    Off to cook dinner, Stace. Something hot and spicy.

    Calie xxx