Saturday, 14 May 2016

What's black, white and red all over?

Ok, here is a quick test using my mobile to write a post. The keyboard is quite good, so hopefully it'll work well - I just hope that my proof reading is good enough to correct my sweeping mistakes :)

So what's been going on in my life? Well a lot as it happens. The new project in the office is starting to gather pace and I'm learning new things about angular and single page applications all the time. Considering how worried I was about getting back to a techie role in actually quite happy with the progress that I'm making and how quickly I got back up to speed.

I'm still loving the camera on the phone. I'm managing to upload daily pictures to my photo blog again. I just hope it continues. Aside from throwing it down the road once when running and now having it needing a new screen and housing the phone is really awesome! If you're interested there is another selection of pictures here from what I have uploaded. Lots and lots of back and white. And one single one of red!

Which I'm pleased to say is the colour of my hair again after another wonderful trip to the hairdresser last week! A couple of hours relaxing is lovely, and the conditioning head massage is just heavenly.

And... I finally got a decent distance under my belt today. I feel a little ill (I feel hung over, though I haven't drunk much... I think it's tiredness from a couple of late nights) but forced myself out of the door. Once I got into my rhythm I stated to get into it. 3 x 20 minutes normal running, with each one followed by 1 minute fast running and one minute recovery. With a 1 km warm up and 5 mine cool down it managed 12.3 km in total. The farthest I have effect ran! And at an OK pace too!

Right time for a night cap and prep for a back holiday here in Holland tomorrow!

Btw writing this is quite doable on the phone, well done to Google for a good app! Now let's see how the publishing and adding the pictures goes!