Sunday, 31 January 2010


Just a short post...

Feeling a little stressed at the moment. Am just about to start the final data pump from an ond system to a new one int he office (hence being online at this time on a Sunday morning).

Are going to see my in laws for the first time since they found out this afternoon. I've been told by my mother in law I don't need my panic pills before I go. I am not so sure. I'll let you know how it goes.

We went to the final kitchen shop yesterday for the last design / quote. Then went to the estate agents to see if it is a good idea if we don't know if we are selling the house (should we not stay together). I have to arrange an appointment for the esate agent to value the house (free service) before they can give us an answer... They said it depends on the rest of the house, and the state of the current kitchen. Both visits kinf of brought home how upside down mine and Mrs Stace lives are at the moment. Buying the kitchen should be an exciting time, not a depressing one.

And finally... I'm sitting here in agony as my tonsils are giving me grief again. I don't know if the stress has set off the tonsils, or if the tonsils have added to the stress.


  1. Good luck with the in-laws.

    Something like this helps me when I'm stressed.

  2. > not a depressing one

    You say that, but building work - not to rub salt into the wound (!) - can be a stressful event in itself. You've got people you don't really know in your personal space and I think it really throws the house routine. Replacing a bathroom or kitchen, aren't those to hub areas of a house? I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit tense!

    Good luck with the in-laws BTW

  3. Thanks both.

    Lynn: Over here you don't invite the salesmen into your home, you have to travel to the shops.

  4. Good luck with your in laws.