Monday, 21 June 2010

You may want to run that through your head one more time...

I called my dad for fathers day yesterday.  Normally I send a card, but they were all a bit naff so I left it this year.  We had a good chat about the state of the garage (almost ready for the Spit now with doors, electricity, a work bench and a compressor on the way - my parents spoil me, even if I have paid for half the building work to be done), his car, my car, my bike.  It was fun, not a single reference to my GID - which makes a pleasent change.  Not that he has an issue, or that I object to talking about it with them, I just want to make sure that it doesn't define my relationship with my parents.

I spoke to mum as well.  We were talking about how since hy dad has had his heart attack you can tell when he's tired due to changes in his eyes.  Apparently a friends of theirs have the same thing - he had a stroke, has recovered since thankfully, but one of his eyes now closes when he gets tired.  So she said to me 'you men, you think you can hide things from us women - but we know!'.  I answered with 'you may want to run that through you head one more time'  At which point she burst out laughing and asked if I could tell when Mrs Stace was telling a little fib (I can). Totally going against what I said about talking to my dad, but I think it needed saying :)


  1. :-)
    A big smile on my face for you.

  2. Thanks Lisa - to be honest I was not sure how she was going to respond to it - laughing was what I was hoping for :)