Friday, 11 June 2010

One Hundred

Almost one year ago I started a blog with the idea of it being a bit of an outlet with no idea if it would keep updating it past the 2 or three 3 week mark.  Over the year the blog has morphed into something of a diary, and my life has morphed into something beyond recognition!  Some of it good, some of it bad - and with no clear direction at this time.

Who knows what the future will bring, or where I'll be in another 100 posts time? Let's just hope there are good times along the way...

For now though I think this picture that I managed to grab at the 2009 Assen TT says it well :)

And of course - gell well soon Doctor; we miss you!


  1. It's a milestone, congrats.
    Keep on going at whatever speed.
    Wish you both Geluk & Gezondheid.


  2. Good pic of Valentino there, well done!

    And congratulations on your century. Writing blog entries gets you like this, doesn't it.

  3. These 'blog's' of our's are just another way of 'getting things off our chests' sometimes. It is good to put our thought down in some form, as a personal diary or our blogs, because we need to vent and validate our thoughts and the rising emotions.

    I kept a journal of my transitions for almost 3 years before I discovered blogging and it's invitation for others to comment.


  4. Happy 100 Stace! I'm looking forward to your next 100!

    Melissa XX

  5. Bedankt and thanks all :)

    @Jenny If you ever go to MotoGP find out where the Rossi fanclub sit, if he should win you get the best seat for the celebrations.


  6. Well done on the milestone Stace. I don't think any of us really contemplate getting beyond a couple of posts when starting these blogs. It's amazing really when they morph into a true diary of our lives.

  7. Thanks Emma - I have re-read my early postings over the last few weeks and the way it's changed over the year still amazes me.

    Hopefully at some point soon I can post more happy stuff :)