Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Fever

Well the world cup is here, and insanity rules.

England managed to scew up royally in the first match, and I have watched more football over the last few days than I managed in the last few years.

And that is only down to the fact that Mrs Stace likes to watch the world cup.

It was estimated that 25% of the Dutch workforce will throw a sicky today in order to watch Hollands first match this afternoon.  There have been articles in the papers complaining that companies refuse to let them watch the world cup on company time.  It's insane.  Are you there to work or not?

At the company I work for they are very flexible - a lot of rooms have televisions in them in case people want to watch (people brought spare TV's from home).  The only things they ask are that you make the time up should you watch the match and that you don't interefere with the work of those who don't want to watch.

The canteen has also been turned into the WK Kamer for whenever there is a Dutch match on - and is suitably orange at the moment.  Many rooms are also blaze with orane bunting and flags (the ones with the tele's mainly).  Most people are walking around with Orange clothes on (including senior management).  It's a great sight to see, even for a non supporter like myself - and I think it's one of the things that make it such a nice company to work for...

Woe betide anyone who mentions football the day after the Ducth squad go out of the competition though - the Dutch have no time for a team that does not win and all the bunting in the street will be gone within 30 mins of the final whistle of the final game (and from the offices within 10 mins of people arriving the day after!)


  1. People go a little crazy when 'March Madness' happens with the college basketball gets to the 'sweet sixteen' teams play for the championship.

  2. People do tend to go crazy over their sports. When the baseball World Series used to be played during the daytime, lots of companies would set up TV's in the work place, for their employees to watch the games. I tried to watch the England vs USA game, but my digital TV reception was so poor, that the picture and sound kept cutting out. I did manage to catch England's goal very early on in the game, and thought it was going to end up being a rout for England, but I got so frustrated with the off and on reception, that I turned it off. I was very surprised to hear the game ended up in a tie. Apparently the US team played an excellent defensive game, that allowed them to stay in it, then lucked out when England's goal keeper muffed what should have been an easy save.

    Melissa XX

  3. I completely missed England's Big Match, I was tottering around my support group meeting. Does this mean I have finally left blokedom behind? :)

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  5. You know you should really read comments before hitting that publish button :)

    I kept getting text messages from my sister in law on Saturday give up to date info about the match (and I had the BBC text feed on the laptop). As for me watching it live? I was too busy with the qualification from Montreal, Dr Who, Midsomer Murders and Lewis to take that much notice to be honest.

    I hate to say it Jenny, but my sister in law watches more than me, Mrs Stace watches more than me and she also has a colleague who's wife watches more than him - so I don't think not watching football counts as leaving blokedom behind ;p


  6. All I can say is.... GO USA!! Lolz luv from across the pond!


  7. Well done USA :)

    I was watching the Dutch WK news last night at my sister in laws and that goal made it into one of the presentors top 5 moments of this tournament so far :)