Thursday, 10 June 2010

That was good...

I had my first therapy session today, and I have to say it went fantastically.

There was an iffy start with the traffic (travelling into Amsterdam, by car, in rush hour is just not fun).  At one point I had managed 3 mins of the journey, a distance of 2 miles in 15 minutes of traffic.  At that point I started to worry that I would not make it on time.

Then there was parking once I was in Amsterdam.  I found a space on a side street, and then searched for the machine to buy a parking ticket.  Once found (why do they hide these!) I had to buy a ticket - no mean feat on mondern machines.  If you had a voluntary user interface nobody would ever use it.

Anyway I digress.  I got to the building, was let in had a coffee and we sat down and we started. He went though what I can expect from the VU when I eventually start there, and why I can expect it (all the psychology tests etc).

From there we started to speak about me.  I think the most important thing is that we clicked.  In almost no time the hour was up and we were making the next appointment.  And even stranger, and to show how relaxed I was, the whole session was in Dutch - with the exception of one sentence that I didn't know

The next appointment is going to be a little more difficult as it's going to get more personal.  But I am not too nervous.

Yet :)

I've been flying high all afternoon though and am just trying to stay there at the moment.


  1. I am extremely glad to read that it all went so well!

  2. Very good, Stace!

    I think traffic is a nightmare in just about every major metropolitan area anymore. I think it's time we replaced cars with teleporters.

    Melissa XX

  3. Congratulations. I just knew you would be fine.

  4. Thanks all.

    I'm still on a bit of a high from it to be honest and again sleept like a log last night.


  5. I say you will get farther during therapy if you pick a spot on the ceiling to the right of you and talk to it about the questions you are asked from time to time.

    Glad it went well!


  6. Thanks Bree - I found myself doing this (and felt really guilty for talking to his door instead of him), it did help when trying to talk about things that I was embarrased about :)

  7. That's excellent that you and your therapist clicked. That's so important. When you have to go deeper, will you be able to do it in English? I had a client once who spoke pretty good English, but to really say what was going on with him he had to do it in his native Spanish (though an excellent interpreter).

  8. Hey Veronica, It really was a great session.

    Should I need to switch to English I can. At some point I am going to struggle to put my feelings into words, and at that point using English and getting it right is more important to me than using Dutch :)