Wednesday, 9 June 2010


In 12 short hours I'll be driving to Amsterdam, trying to avoid (hah) the rush hour traffic and searching valiently for somewhere to park (bigger hah).

Then in just under 13 hours I'll have my first session with the psychologist (not counting the screening at the VU).  As yet I am stil not scared, starting to get a little nervous maybe, but not scared.

I think coupled to actually making some decisions at the weekend this can be called something approaching to progress.

Or I could just be kidding myself and spend most of the night awake...  You never know.

Well back to watching the outcome of the Dutch elections (which I can legitimately complain about as I don't get to vote as a buitenlander).



  1. Dont worry it will be just fine.
    Just be true to yourself.

  2. Good luck, Stace. Drive carefully, and just relax and be yourself when you get there. No worries. They are there to help you.

    Melissa XX

  3. Thanks both.

    Amazingly enough I slept like a log last night. My head hit the pillow and I woke up with the alarm 7 hours later.

    It's rare I can sleep so well.
    The biggest fear I have at the
    moment is a little irrational. Getting lost in Amsterdam (even with SatNav that's always a possiblity - I hate driving there) and fear that I have the address written down wrong and am going to miss my appointment.

    This is at least one part that I can't wait to get started...