Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Adventures in Epilating, and other stuff

I've been using my epilator for about a month now - so far so good.  I need to spend serious time doing it every three weeks or so, and a bit of maintenance (5 / 10 mins) once a week.  I'm really happy with my arms - the hair their is growing back much softer than before (it seems to take a while to get thick, black and noticable) so I don't have to do those as often.

The pain has recinded somewhat after that first, painful time - on my shins I hardly feel it anymore and it's no worse than shaving.  Thighs still hurt, though not as eye watering as before.

Things that I have done wrong though:
  • I didn't exfoliate enough and had lots of ingrowing hair.  That was painful to sort out, but seems to be fine now.
  • You can cause injury with an epilator if you get it wrong - the scab on my wrist shows that :)

Still soo much better than shaving though - lasts longer, is smother and my arms are not so much as hair free now as looking more natural (as Mrs Stace said when I shaved my arms - women have hair on their arms - it's nice to have, just not the thick black hair...)

Other stuff?  Two things spring to mind.

I have my yearly review this week and got the info last night.  I'm impressed.  Better than average.  Personally I would break my last year down as July-Dec good, Dec-April terrible, May to now slightly down on good.  But it seems that I did enough to keep the business, and my boss, impressed.  I guess what I am doing is good - I just feel I should be doing more of it.

The other is bike related.  I was by bike to my sister in laws yesterday, and was changing into my leather before leaving.  She commented that the leathers are very manly, and would I be changing them if I transitioned.

I said not.  I have two reasons for this.  One is that a good set of leathers is well into 4 figures and I am not going to throw them out until they are no longer keeing me safe.  The other, possibly more important, reason is that you can't get good quality leathers for women.  I have top of the line 2 piece Dainese leathers, with titanium sliders on the shoulder and elbows.  For women they have some nice looking leathers, but nothing with the level of protection that mine have.  I couldn't think about changing for something that offers less protection than I have now so I have little choice in the matter.

See what is available should the time come I suppose.

Right, time to do more of that work that I mentioned :)


  1. Judging by the number of female motorcyclists and racers I know I'd beg to differ, they seem to have no problems sourcing leathers for the female form. However this could be because made-to-measure leathers are surprisingly competitive.

    The female motorcyclists of my acquaintance relish the androgyny though, they're motorcyclists and not women drivers in the eyes of other road users.

  2. Hmm, I guess I'd have to look into it again... Just checked out the Dianese web shop again and they are catching up with the mens suits (compared to a couple of years ago) - but not totally there yet...

    I can imagine that made to measure is possible (but wonder if my budget would stretch to that...)


  3. Well, Stace, can't relate to the epilating or the leathers or the bikes but I can sure relate to the annual review. I get one and I give several. After what you have been going through over the past year, this is great news and I am so happy for you.

    Late reading this as usual, but I always get to your posts.

    Calie xxx

  4. Thanks Calie, I was impressed with the pragmatic way my boss dealt with it. Basically he said that whilst I had dropped the ball on a few occasions over the last few months, that was only a part of my job, and only for a part of the year.

    I guess I just have to keep the improvement up now :)

    I did manage to talk myself into a new responsibility though. I thrive on panic situations at work (unlike at home where they terrify me) where you have to think on your feet and make split second decisions (if the website goes down for example) - it just makes me feel like everything is fireing in my head. My boss on the other hand hates those times and so is happy for me to start to take over when it all goes pear shaped in production.


  5. My boss gave me some tokens (£75) the other week for some reason or other. I think I was meant to go out and buy a socket set something like that. I don't know what they would have said if I told him I had bought an epilator with it.

    I love it, I got rid of that horrible downy fuzz on my tummy and my hairy knuckles!. But under the arms, ouch!.

    Yes I did try it on my chin and no I will never ever be doing that again, arghhh :-)

    Rachel X

  6. Er, ow! I can see why you not be doing it again. It's bad enough with an iPhone at the end of the day when there is just enough hair to get caught!

    I decided not to do my underarms. I'll stick to shaving there :)


  7. Under the arms is OK if you treat it like mowing a lawn and doing it in thin strips:-)

    Rachel X