Sunday, 20 June 2010


I finally managed to remember what I was planning on writing yesterday! It suddenly came back to me :)

I'm busy at the moment writing my Life CV for my next trip to the therapist. It's amazing how you can sit staring at a blank Word document thinking what on earth can I put into this, then once you get going memories start to come flooding back, you jump from one to another and suddenly you have 8 pages, 5000 words and are only half way through.

There are a lot of things that I had forgotton about, to be honest I am not sure I'm happy that I remembered most of them - or the fact that those that were the worst memories, that really took me to low points in my life, *still* didn't make me cry. I started to well up once or twice, but for the rest it just felt... Clinical and detachted. Maybe I'll bring that up with him when we discuss it...

But... There were happy times as well, lots of them in fact. We were watching Mock The Week and one of the panelists mentioned Rainbow (a British childrens TV program, that I used to watch when very small). Mrs Stace (being Dutch and not having ITV) looked at me as if to say what are they talking about so I searched for it on You Tube. She saw a clap and now thinks all brits are insane I think (A talking pink hippo, a bear and whatever Zippy is (beyond annoying) I have no idea why she'd think that... But... It got worse. In the related videos was "Button Moon" - something I was addicted too pre-school. And from there I went to link, to link, to link :)

Excuse the overkill of YouTube vids here...

Button Moon

The Trap Door

Count Duckula (David Jason was great in kids cartoons)

Danger Mouse (See what I mean :) )

And of course... Mr Ben

Thankyou for joining me on this happy trip through my childhood :)


  1. Wonderful Stace,
    Mr Benn has a lot to answer for in my case!

  2. Jenny: I spent most of my run this morning trying to come up with a reasonable excuse for that...

    I can ony come up with two... It wasn't on link hopping I was doing or, and see if you can find the fatal flaw in the argument, it's a puppet show where as I was looking at old cartoons :)

    Claire: Ah Mr Benn - scarily enough I can vaguely remember getting back home with my mum after nursery and hoping that this was still on. It was really dissapointing if it had been replaced with something else.


  3. I loved danger mouse but you have forgotten Captain caveman which was my favorite.

  4. Oh I loved Captain Caveman - thinking about it there were no Hanna Barbera cartoon in the links I found...


  5. For my therapy I had to write the things that happend during my last depression in the present tense. That was a weird thing, and makes you feel everything again. Writing in the past tense is more detached.

    And we all know the british are a bit of weird folk. The Teletubbies are a british thing, so Mrs Stacy could have known.. ;)

  6. Say's the guy who's country sends out Bumba to the kids! ;p