Friday, 28 May 2010

Time and shallowness...

Over the last two weeks I have really got back into the swing of things in the office.  I started to keep an excel sheet for persoanl time management and you know what - it helps.  I can focus better than previous weeks and at the end of the day I can look back and see what I have done and feel some sense of acheivement.

The downside is that my time online has gone down by about 90% as it used to be my escape when my head was completely lost.  So if I haven't been commenting, or answering mails as quickly as normal I would like to appologise (though my boss is happier ;-p)

And the shallowness?

I just got a package from H&M that I have been waiting for (for over a month).  A new skirt and top that I couldn't find in their bricks and mortor store locally...

I'm over the moon with the clothes, Mrs Stace a little less so.  Apart from the obvious reason why, the skirt is a EU38 (US8 on the label and according to the size conversion chart a UK10).  And It's a little loose.  Top's an 'M' and is just about right (a little loose but not too much)... Mrs Stace does not think that is fair...

I saw a friend for the first time in a while yesterday, he's the first person to comment that I had lost weight since the start of the year.  I was about jumping for joy that someone had noticed (I was beginning to think that it was impossible to tell!)


  1. I love clothes shopping now. You know before I couldnt bear it.
    Your just showing off with sizes like this. LOL
    This girl is dreaming of being that size soon!

  2. I love clothes for Stace. Clothes for him, not so much - I just grab what I know, when I need new ones.

    OK - maybe I am showing off with the size a little :) But... 6 months ago a 14 was tight.


  3. great job on the weight did you do it? I keep creeping up and up. And my mood goes down and down and they feed each other...


  4. Nice skirt and top! Well done on the weight loss. I'm not surprised that Mrs. Stace thinks it's unfair. So do I! ;-)

    Melissa XX

  5. Thanks both :) The only issue I had with the top is that I went out to try and get something different. As a bloke I wear (mainly) black and beige. I wanted something with colour. And what do I end up with. Black and beige. Even Mrs Stace commented that I was back to black.

    The weightloss is a mixture of making myself do something and genes. On my mums side of the family there is an issue with weight. On my dad's side people can do what they want and still not get too big.

    My brother and I sit in the middle. If I do a little exercise - that I have forced myself to do rain or shine (I do 3 * 40 mins @ 150bpm per week) then after a couple of months my metabolism kicks in.

    I have not actually lost that much weight though (no more than 6 Kgs - 12 pounds) just got rid of a lot of fat. Currently I'm 74Kg (162ish I think) and @ 5'11" it's not too bad.

    Oh, and I eat healthily and don't snack (generally) or drink beer (cider, wine and spirits still flow though). No real diet though, I don't beleive in that.