Monday, 17 May 2010

Ow, ow, owowowowowowow! PAIN!

My birthday isn't for a while yet, but seeing as Amazon had an offer on, and I didn't feel like using a couple of months of guarantee waiting, I used used my parents present over the weekend.


Unpacked it, threw half of it in the freezer and read the instructions as much as I ever do.


Then I went upstairs, plugged it in, put the ice pack on the back and for the first time in my life epilated my legs.

Initially it was not too bad.  Then after a few minutes it really was.  Over the course of the long weekend (well it was here anyway) I had three attempts.  My legs are now (almost) hair free.  And red.  Please tell me it gets easier over time :)

On the bright side they are hair free.  Not stubble free with still visible hair, but hair free.  Happy happy joy joy.

Now for the arms...


Stace :)

Oh yes...  Mrs Stace had a wonderful grin on her face when I said how painful it was and said simply 'Told you'


  1. oh. i see.

    this is why you were over on MY blog being amazed at me epilating with so little difficulty.

    Hmmm. it DOES get better. Legs were painfuller at first - and i think the first thing i tried on my legs was veet, anyway, so i never had to deal with anything worse than regrowth.

    tummy was BAD.

    back is excruciating...and i think i am going to have to go for waxing in future. and sort out laser.

    you have me so smiling here, stace!


  2. The first time is always the worst, Stace. :-D The thighs hurt worse than the calves and shins. The chest and stomach is pure hell, but epilating regrowth is not as bad. It gets better and better, but you have to keep up with it. The stubble you feel is newly emerging hairs, that aren't long enough for the epilator to grab. You may find that initially you will have to epilate two or three times a week, but should eventually get to where just once a week will be enough. The hairs eventually get finer, and not only hurt less when being yanked out, but feel less stubbly when they grow back out.

    Hang in there!
    Melissa XX

  3. My personal guru on all maters pertaining to Being A Girl, Mrs. J, suggested I bypass epilation and go for the shaving route. Wilkinson Sword Venus, no pain involved and a fantastic excuse for a long and luxurious hot bath!

  4. Jane: Yup, that is why I left the comment. It fitted what I went though over the weekend :)

    Melissa: So the further north the more it hurts :)

    Thankfully chest is not a problem. 10 mins with a pair of tweezers per week sorts that with minimal pain.

    Stomach is a different story, I'm going to try that once I have arms and legs down to an art.

    Jenny: I shaved weekly prior to this weekend, but it just took so much time to do and I always missed bits. I have to say that both Mrs Stace and my parents thought the descripton of pain was amusing... (Although explaining to my dad that epilation was painful did feel a little weird - apart from our big discussion a couple of days after I told them over the new year we haven't discussed my GID much...)


  5. The chest can sting a bit ;-) That said, I think you do get used to it. I thought the ankle area was more painful personally, but YMMV as they say. :-)

  6. I can't remember my ankles so I am guessing that wasn't *so* bad...

    Still working up the courage for the stomach... I think it's my the second atempt at my arms tonight... Wimper.


  7. It does get a lot easier.
    But I have to say you have not felt pain until after you do your armpits!

  8. Sounds painful.... but then again, last week I had my first laser treatment on my face, and last month my back waxed, and have been getting electro on my face as well.... Waxing is def the worst!


  9. OK lets see if blogger will let me post today... I tried twice yesterday and all I got was an error message...

    Lisa: That is the reason that I'll remain in the shower for an extra 3 mins each week with a razor. TBH I don't have an issue shaving my arm pits. It's easy enough and doesn't grow back very quickly. That's some pain I can leave :)

    Keri: I think I'm quite lucky in not being that hairy - I don't think my back would need doing. But the thought of laser on my face fills me with dread (but whether I transition or not is something I want to do...)