Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I thought this was supposed to be gone

Where is spring?  Here in Holland we had one week of stunnning weather, the BBQ got it's advised yearly clean (why only once I year I don't know - but that's what the instructions say) - and my nails turned black...  It got used twice, I've seen some lovely scenery running / skating around the lake.

Riding the bike *to* work at 6:30 was warm, sunny and overall nice.

Riding back in the evening was *hot*, sunny and overall nice.

Now it's 4 degrees again when I come to work, my nose has exploded, my throat feels like sandpaper, my tonsils hurt and I'm coughing up some seriously evil looking stuff (how's that for a nice mental image!)

I thought that by this time if the year the colds were supposed to be behind us, and the weather was supposed to be picking up!

Bah, humbug!


  1. Sorry to hear that Old Man Winter hasn't seen fit to leave you yet, but now that May has arrived, warm sunny days can't be far away. We got lucky this year, with fairly warm weather arriving early. But I know the misery of a sluggish spring. By March you expect it to start warming up. You wait and you wait, and when May arrives you are wondering if the warm days will ever get here. It's like that here some years too. Sometimes it's June, before the days are consistently warm.

    Now that May is here, it shouldn't be long before you warm up. I love European summers. I lived in Frankfurt am/Main in Germany for a couple of years when I was a teenager, and the summers were wonderful. Sunny and warm, but with none of the steamy humidity we get here in the mid-Atlantic states.

  2. Mrs Stace has given a little 'told you so' about the weather. Over the weekend I wanted to split the 4 season quilt to be just the spring / autumn section - she wasn't so keen. I'm so glad we didn't...

    It can get a little humid here in the summer - especially comapred to when we visit Italy - that really is a dry heat. 40 in Italy is more comfortable than 30 in The Netherlands.