Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunny days!

It's been an interesting weekend (Holland had a bank holiday so it was back to work this morning).

We were supposed to be shoe shopping (using a voucher that Mrs Stace got with a pair of shoes she brought a few weeks ago).  That never happened as what I thought was the end date for the voucher was in fact the start date.  Something to look forward to next week.

Instead we went office shopping to make working from home more comfortable for Mrs Stace.  One monitor, wireless keyboard / mouse combo and very nice office chair later she has an office that is nicer than where she works.

I have to ask though.  Has anyone ever seen the mythical creature that is believed to have the special power of cuying what they need from Ikea?  We went in for a chair and left with a chair, two ergonomic pillows with covers, three oven dishes and a teapot.

Sunday was cleaning day. Woohoo (but we have a nice living room again).

Yesterday we went to a castle for the day, it was my father in laws birthday and so we were treating.  Sun, warmth (too much really, but better than too cold) and the whole family together was nice.  Nice joke with my sister in law as well.  She was discussing why there is a queue outside the ladies, but not them men. After a long discussion she asked her husband 'do you have any idea of the layers under a womans outfit?'  'Yes' I replied sheepishly.  She cracked up.

Then called my folks again last night.  For the first time since speaking to my dad in the new year we had a discussion about how I was doing, going into detail.  It was really nice to be able to open up to him - and nice to know that he can open up back.


  1. Opening up to who your family members really are is a very pleasant channel to sail out on and discover new lands.

  2. I can personally vouch for no such animal as a one item shopper at IKEA in Canada. It is a truly evil force of marketing genius!

    Your descriptions of family interactions are wonderful. You lucky person!


  3. It's wonderful that they have taken it so well. They say they are worried about what my future is (understandably) - but also make sure that I understand that they'll support me no matter what. As they always say "You're our child and we'll always love you and be there for you. Full stop"

    Glad it's not just in Holland where you can't leave with just one thing... Walking through the 'market' after the showroom and having small oven dishes for 2 person lasagne at less than two euros each... How could you not pick three up?


  4. I cant bring myself to go to Ikea. Its so cheap for everything that I always spend far more than I ought to.
    Great news on your relationship with your Dad developing.

  5. Yes, some of it is just too cheap... And you can be lulled into that I saved X by buying this, rather than the I spent n *on* buying it...

    It was really nice talking to my dad, about what I had gone through during the day (nearly in tears). All the things of why the day had hit me (subject of another post I think), but also why it was good (the sister in law story). Also the discussion about therapy, and possible eventual transition - why it would be great, why it wold be dreadful and how the hell are you supposed to make that kind of decision?

    I think he's doing great. If you consider that he is a 60 year old car mechanic / truck driver / car sprayer and has spent his entire adult life in a very "man's man" world I think he is coping superbly...

    Sorry starting to ramble on here :)