Sunday, 2 May 2010

Nature red in tooth and claw

We were trying to be green fingered yesterday - I was replacing the house plants, and Mrs Stace was de weeding the garden.  I put some potting compost in the shed when somthing nearly flew into me as I left.

We couln't see the bird in the shed so we left the door open.

About 20 mins later a black shape darted into the shed and came out with a bird in it's mouth.  I don't think I've ever seen our cat move that quickly.

We generally let nature take it's course - the cat is hunter and there's not that much we can do to stop him.  He does have a bell on his collar to warn the birds - but it doesn't always seem to get them out of the way.

However when he tries to take them in home we stop him.  That's what he tried to do yesterday.  This is going to sound evil but...  It was like watching Silvester with Tweety.

We yelled at him not to take the bird inside and he looked at us and went 'phut' spitting the bird out.

We checked the bird over the best we could, it seemed OK so we put it high on a shed roof where it flew off and put the cat inside.

The cat was most dissapointed in us and went to sulk in the attic for 1/2 hour :)


  1. LOL! Cat's will be cats. When I was still working, I walked out of the back door on my way to work one morning, only to see my neutered, de-clawed cat, chewing the belly out of a bird on my rear deck! How he ever caught it with no front claws, I'll never know, but he was able to climb small diameter trees, by wrapping his paws around the trunk.

    Melissa XX

  2. You have a cat! I'm envious, we're in a flat with a no-pets clause.

    I guess it's the nature of the beast.

  3. Melissa: I don't think that we could declaw our cat - he likes to think that he is spidercat and climb vertical fences, something that I guess he could not do without claws...

    We actually amazed at how much he still hunts (and fights) the first thing we did when we got him was neuter him. In his old home he ruled the neighbourhood with his mum and uncle (dad??), with the neutering, and without the family backup, we were expecting him to struggle in his new surroundings. Not according to our neighbours (and what we have seen) he still fights for his territory - chasing off cats double his size. (Another reason why I don't think we could declaw him).

    Jenny: We got a rabbit first (as a compromise between an Old English Sheepdog and a cat). Then our current cat climed onto my lap at a friends house and my alergy didn't fire off (I'm super sensitive to tabby cats but he is black) and he was so cute. So as our friends had too many cats, and he was still a kitten, we took him home a few days later (he was a present for Mrs Stace's birthday).

    He's still just as cute now - when he doesn't have a bird sticking out of his mouth...