Sunday, 30 May 2010

Shoes, dancing and problems with weight loss

Well the shoe shopping trip was sucessful, though I didn't get the ones that I went for.  In the shop I asked Mrs Stace if she would wear the ones from yesterday, as they are her style as well (except maybe the heel).  However, as she already has the same shoes in black she didn't think that she would.  So I went for a different style instead.  I just hope they don't look too old (though again Mrs Stace seems to think that the heels stop that).  But I do like them I have to say...

I tried them this morning with my new outfit and a brown semi formal jacket that I borrowed from Mrs Stace.  As I now have a therapist I think I may, at some point, start to go dressed and this would be an idea outfit.  We'll see what happens when the time comes.  I also managed to get my eye makeup perfect for the first time today so I am on slight high from that.  See if I cam manage it next time as well.

Last night was spent dancing for the last time of the school year.  It's the third year, and we both struggled with how complex it got and just how many steps we had to learn and remember.

The ballroom was a disaster.  Had the strictly judges been there Craig would have made the middle syllable last a year.  We did one run through the English Waltz and then I forgot the steps.  Totally...  I couldn't remember a thing.  The tango was OK, not great I thought, but OK.  The quickstep (one of my favorite dances) was just a mess.  The music they choose was just too slow and not a single couple was in step with the beat after a few seconds.  During the break between ballroom and latin all the Silver* couples were complaining about it.

The latin was great.  The rumba, cha cha and samba came together, I remembered the steps and we started to enjoy it.  We finished on the Jive.  My absolute favorite dance.  The music was quite quick and we just got totally into it.  We both had hugh grins throughout the dance and when we were finished the couples we always drink with during the break said that they couldn't take their eyes off of us due to the engery and enjoyment we were putting into it.  That was wonderful to hear!

After a demonstration dance from the resident professionals (WOW!) we got our certificates.  Actually scored quite well ballroom, and as expected for latin - average of 8 for all 7 dances.  All in all an enjoyable night :)

There was an issue before we went though.  Mrs Stace brought a fantastic dress for the night and I wanted to match.  Seeing as I've lost weight I thought my black suit would be perfect.  I was wrong.  Whilst the trousers now fit OK (fine on the but, loose on the waist) the jacket was a joke.  We both thought that I looked like a kid trying on his dad's clothes.

I have another suit, but that was also not great (better, so that's the one I wore).  Again it fitted on the but, but there are inches spare on the waist, and the fitted jacket just isn't anymore.  Then I pinched it in.  Woohoo for the shape left, but not for a blokes jacket...  That was not a problem I was expecting to have...  It takes me back to being a teenager when I wore 501w's until they stopped making them as they fitted better than the standard 501's.  Kind of the same issue Keli has... But womens jeans these days are a little more obvious than back then so I have to go searching for something different...


  1. Stace, I think that's a beautiful shoe. Very classy looking.

    I know what you mean about the jeans. I wear these jeans. They do not balloon way out in the hips like some women's jeans do, and except for the slightly shorter fly and higher rise, they look pretty much like standard men's jeans, but they fit my butt much better.

    Melissa XX

  2. Thanks Melissa :)

    The shoes are very comfortable for walking in, but stand still and after a while you lose feeling in your toes.

    At which point Mrs Stace laughed and said 'Told you so'. Sympathy is a wonderful thing ;p

    Nice looking Jeans - today i'm back in my 8 year old skinny Jeans - they fit nicely, as long as I don't have anything in my pockets. Disturbing as I always keep my wallet in my pocket and now it's having to reside in my bag that isn't by me 100% of the time.


  3. Just great! Why do I have to be the one singled out?

    It is however quite true even loose fit men's jeans are not comfortable nor fit well. Yet every pair of women's jeans I own would cause an issue.

    Considering I still have to pass as him as best I can for a while longer. I'll just have to suffer.

  4. Not so much singled out... More I happened to be going through an issue with clothes fitting in the right places at the time of reading you entry.

    That and your pre measurements about +/- mine at the moment...

    And unlike the 501's of years gone by womens jeans are noticably different these days.


  5. The dancing sounds fun. I hope to learn some day.

  6. When it all goes right the dancing is great fun.

    When it goes wrong it's frustrating, and we have left lessons on less than good speaking terms before :)

    Mind you we have never been as bad as one couple in the first year. About 20 mins before the end of the lesson they stormed off of the dance floor. When we were driving home they were still in the street screaming at each other :)

    I don't know about long drives being a test of relationships, dancing lessons certainly are...


  7. Errrr, how will you cope when you need to use the "other" steps, the opposite to the ones you have learned?

    I was never able to bring myself to dance because I could not take the male part to save my life!

    Looks like I shall never get to do those female moves, even now, too old and stiff joints to do it well enough to give me the pleasure I desired.

    Don't hang back, live life while you can.

    Carolline xxx

  8. With difficulty I guess :)

    Seriously though, looking at the amount of exra things that Mrs Stace has to do I'm not sure I could remember... I struggle enough with the steps I do have to remember - she has to lead through half the latin dances.

    And you may be surprised at the amount of girls that go together - I think this year there were there! So should we continue (though she has said that is something she would not do should I transiiton...)

    As for age and joints, I say foey! There were also couples of all ages in our classes - from 16 to late 60's! Sure they may sit the Jive out, but the English Waltz and Quick Step don't seem too much of an issue.