Thursday, 11 March 2010

You've got to show the world you're a man!

Not something that has been said to me, but something I am picking up from a colleague...

The guy who upset me with the story of how the everyone in a company where he worked treated someone who turned up in a skirt and heels one day...

He did another one yesterday (though this one was more pity than annoyance).

Another colleague came in, and at the request of someone in the room did a little jig along the edge of a step that we have running the length of our room. At the end he said 'Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious!' Well tried to at least - it's hard enough for a native English speaker, let alone someone who is Dutch...

A couple of other people in the room had completely blank faces at this and we had to explain. One guy went with it quite well when I sent the sing along YouTube clip of the song from the film, the other (from before) just kept on with the blank face. Later in the kitchen I was ribbing him a bit for not knowing Mary Poppins and he says quote: 'Of course I know it, but a man shouldn't admit to knowing things like that'.

I just laughed... He's the one missing out if you have to spend half your life denying things otherwise how can you be a man...

Mrs Stace commented that maybe he is trying a little *too* hard... Then commented that since I came out to her in December she has become really cynical about peoples behaviour...


  1. I'm with Mrs. Stace on this one.

  2. I used to work with a bunch of macho guys, who would often make homophobic or transphobic statements or jokes. It always made me very uncomfortable, to have to listen to stuff lie that. I remember one guy lamenting that the son of a man he knew was becoming woman. He couldn't contain his disgust at the thought of it, and said that if one of his son's ever did that, he would disown him. I tried to explain to him that the the guy's son didn't choose to be that way, he was born with a feminine brain, but he wouldn't listen to reason. He was obsessed with being manly. So much so, that I often wondered if he wasn't hiding a secret himself.

  3. "He's the one missing out if you have to spend half your life denying things otherwise how can you be a man..."

    Reading this again and thinking: What is a really good way Real Men can demonstrate their Real Manliness? Why, by being seen to be attractive to women, of course. Doesn't he realise that chicks dig blokes who aren't afraid to admit they know things like Mary Poppins lyrics? It's hardly difficult, after all if I can do it in bloke mode anyone can! 'Course, I self-evidently ain't a Real Man :)

  4. A lot of men who feel uncomfortable with anything Gay or trans say things like this.
    Somehow they think that if they dont emphasise how negative they are to it then it may effect there manliness.
    I dont think they are completely comfortable in who they are.
    Dont worry about him, he sounds like a moron!

  5. I have to admit with this instance I just thought it was funny, and sad for him, that he didn't think he could admit to even *knowing* anything about Mary Poppins.

    Last time he really upset me. I was about to leave the room and find a quiet dark spot to recover when our website went down and I had something else to take my mind off of it (nothing like total panic to make you forget).

    I've really never understood *why* people have such an issue. If I put something really right in their face that affects them, fine, but to have such a problem with it for no reason? I just don't get it...

    Thankfully I've never felt the need to prove anything, growing up in a 'not the best' part of Leicester that was actually a blessing in disguise. I had few friends because of it, but then most of the 'friends' would have got me a criminal record anyway... I managed to miss that :)


  6. It is a little sad....

    Why do some men behave that way?

    I guess mostly fear...; that they can see inside themselves a "litle something" they do not want to admit to, and fear that if they "feed" it, in any way, it might break out.


  7. maybe he is trying a little *too* hard...

    I'd agree with that too :)

    Our office seems to be powered by pop culture references for some reason. Sci-fi and showtune gags rub shoulders regularly.

    So real men don't want Mary Poppins? You're 'avin a larf in cha? :) *ahem*

  8. At some point I really wish I had the nerve to ask him what he was hiding with comments like "I"m not allowed to admit that as real men don't"

    But I doubt I'll ever thave the self confidence to do it...

  9. Methinks he doth protest too much...