Saturday, 6 March 2010

Big week

Well this week has been a big one for me... Lots happened - mostly good, some less so. But I am ending it quite happy.

Obviously the biggest was telling my boss on Monday. He's been absolutely true to his word, and has treated me absolutely the same as before he knew. What more could I have asked for.

I spent Sunday afternoon going trying on old clothes - it seems that the exercise is starting to work - my old jeans that have not fitted for a little while now actually do up (woohoo). Hopefully in a month or so they may even be comfortable enough to wear all day... We'll see.

I've managed to get up to 10KM's on skates now - not quite Sven Kramer time wise (actually nearly three times longer) - but I'm happy to have reached that milestone. Maybe this week I can manage 12. I'm still stuck at 6KM's running, but the time is dropping nicely. In 4 weeks it's the Hilversum City Run - at present schedule I should be good for improving my time from last time. I have a new way of training this week. I brought a heart rate monitor from the internet this week on the advice of a colleague who is insane with sporting. Hopefully I can now do two different types of training each week. One to get me faster for the run, and one to help me lose the weight having a driving license has given me. I never realised that just going all out for it when running is not actually the best way to burn fat - hopefully knowing what my heart is doing is going to let me stay in the right zone for both objectives. Wish me luck...

We had a last minute family dinner last Saturday with Mrs Stace's parents and her sisters family. It was a really nice evening, and everyone seems to have settled there as well. There was only one mention of TG, and that was caused by me. As with my boss it's nice to be treated just as me again. The mention? When desert came around Mrs Stace took her piece first and then her mum offered the bowl to me. Now I've always gone with ladies first, so I said that and passed it to her mum. Mrs Stace and her sister apparently discussed that after the meal (not in a bad way - just commenting on it)...

The snow has now gone, so I took the cover off of the bike and started it to get some charge back into the battery. Oh dear I think is an appropriate response. It started fine, but the throttle is stuck, oil is coming out of the clutch cover, the chain and sprokets are in bad condition and the fork seals are started to break down. Time for a new bike. Mrs Stace is not happy - and we had a big argument about it (that turned out to be about that and the 'other' thing all wrapped up in one). I have a couple of test rides set up for today and just hope that I can get a decent price for mine considering what they will have to do to get it working. I spoke to my parents last night (Dad to get his advice on the bikes, mum to say 'hello' and to get an earful about the bike from her too - I left to get a hair cut and her and Mrs Stace were complaining to each other about me on two wheels).

On that note I think that it's time to grab another cappucino, and make porridge for me and Mrs Stace before getting on my way....


  1. sounds like just another week, I so know the feeling. Don't have a bike anymore as it went away when my kids came. Good job with the running! and Have a great week end

  2. I must be fortunate in my family then because not only is Mrs. J an occasional pillion, so to my absolute horror when she asked, is her mother. The most careful and sedate Sunday rideout ever, with my mother-in-law behind me.

    If you weren't on the other side of the channel I'd offer my services as bike-fettler to help increase its resale value. Would Mrs. Stace be mollified if its replacement was a little more sedate?

  3. Bree: The idea was that the bike was supposed to go when the Spitfire came back from restoration. Seeing as that isn't going to happen for another few years after the health scares of the last 12 months I decided it was better to replace the bike with something that would hold it's value, than spend 4 figures on making this one good again, without seeing anything in return.

    Jenny: I've been meaning to fibreglass the fairing and spray the bike for a number of years, but never quite got around to it. I think the 10 year old 56000KM is as much a killer to the trade in value as the condition of the bodywork...

    I don't think Mrs Stace would be happy as long as it had two wheels. The one I have gone for certainly doesn't count towards mollufying her...

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  5. Nice to see that things are going OK for you, Stace.

    Also, nice to see you exercising. Doesn't it feel good??!!!

    Calie xxx

  6. Thanks, things at present seem quite stable and (I hate using the word but) nice.

    As for the exercising... I am kind of a split personality here... Getting the get up and go to start is difficult, but I do manage it at the moment. Once I actually start running or skating it's great - my mind empties and I just go with it for 40 mins. Once I am done I feel so great for having done it and now I am starting to see the results the will to keep at it just increases.