Thursday, 18 March 2010

Google knows me too well!!!! And LinkedIn is useful!


I just got back to my desk to find a mail from reception that I missed a call whilst away, giving the name and number of the person who called.

Not recognising the name, nor the company I googled it to see if I could guess what he was calling about.

The first result back from Google for the company name was for womens clothing.  Now, my boss may know about me but I don't see companies calling me at work about this :)  I hope :o

Eventually found who he was using LinkedIn :)  Quite a useful searching tool, especially when the person you are searching for is connected to your industry and so is already connected via other people.


  1. It's amazing who you find trawling Linkedin. Sometimes i get one of those "All myc ontemporaries have done better tham me" moments, but mostly you find you know people in surprisingly interesting places.

    You want female clothing temptation at work? Don't do what I did for a while and work in the wedding industry. Talk about living in girl envy!

  2. Jenny that sounds slightly masochistic to me... ;p