Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Evil Mortgage People

I'm sitting here writing this as I can't actually do any work...  I've been a state of limbo for the last 60 mins waiting for an advisor to call me back to sort out transfering my mortgage to a new company.

With no call.  On top of the work interuption I'm also dying for the loo - but just know that the *second* I enter the cubicle I'm going to get an earful of Muse as they call...

Grrr.  Why can't banking be easy, and why can't banks reward customer loyalty instead of doing their level best to drive us to the competition, causing paperwork and stress in a period when I could really do without it.

The one thing that I could have got out of it I couldn't even smile about...  I've spoken to 4 people from two banks this morning and been called Mrs 4 times.  Great, normally that would have lifted my spirits.  But as it's something official I have to then do the 'No, Mr' to each of them and listen to someone backtracking embarrassingly appologising perfusly, and me telling them it's fine...  I don't get being transfered from one person to another though and having to explain to the second one that I am not the partner of Mr xxxx, I am Mr xxxx.  Did they not get told I have Mr xxxx who needs information on his mortgage?

Hohum...  Rant about banks over.

For now.


  1. Wouldn't it have been more flattering to have been called Miss? :)

  2. I would be chuffed to bits with that. You obviosuly pass on the voice test, as the telephone is a tough one to pass.

  3. Jenny: Seeing as it's a mortgage for a married couple I think Miss may be a little optimistic :)

    LisaL Hmm, maybe I said that badly - I was ranting about mortgage people at the time :)

    I'm always chuffed when it happens, it's just that these days I just go with it when possible. It was having to explain 4 times that I wasn't that was the problem.

    As far as passing on the phone goes. When I use my polite phone voice I get called Mrs probably 60% - 70% of the time. According to my friend who knows audibly I fall somewhere between the two, a little timbre in the voice, but not much, and it's the visuals that swing it to male in person. I must confess I try to use my polite phone voice in person as well...


  4. What we call a "double-edged sword", I suppose.


  5. Thank you Chrissie - perfectly put.