Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Biker attitudes to boys and girls...

As many of you know from previous posts I have recently replaced my aging Suzuki SV650 S with a Yamaha R6.

Before taking the plunge I joined the R6 forum to try and get some information.  When I join an online community these days I join as Stacy.

In order to be polite I posted pics once I got the bike.  I was surprised at the replies. A lot of welcoming and people comments on the bike itself, and one comment asking when I was going to pose nude photos.

[quote]got any nudes with the bike?[/quote]

My answer:
[quote]Err, no nudes... I like my bikes with fairing[/quote]

When did it become OK to ask these types of questions? And talk about giving bikers a bad name...

And to think in a few years my little niece is going to start using computers...  I just hope she has sense.

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  1. 'fraid that's about the level of most online motorcycling communities. Depressing, isn't it.

    Of course, he could be closet-gay-and-overcompensating.