Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bad TV is good for something

I have a secret...  A very embarrising secret...

I like bad TV.  I like the highbrow stuff of BBC 4 (Only Connect is one of my favorite shows). I also like the really bad stuff...  Like 'Snog, Marry, Avoid'...  There it's out - don't judge me...

But...  There is a reason to this soul bearing.  In S.M.A. they give makeup tips, two of which I tried this weekend, and was so amazed that they actually worked I thought I'd share them :)

I have trouble with nail varnish.  My hands have always shook (when I tried to join the airforce my mum always said they would know which plane I was in - it would be the one going side to side insteadof straight), and whilst I can just about do my left hand, when I try to use my left hand to do the right it's a mess no matter how hard I try or how long I take.

On top of that I always think they have dried long before they really have and end up ruining what I do get right.

Tip 1: Quick Dry
When you have finished painting put your hands in cold water for a min. This sets the surface really quickly

Tip 2: Messy Fingers
Do you nails before washing up (or having a shower / bath) and don't be too fussy about keeping it neat.  It means you can paint you nails in a a minute or so and leave to dry (not forgetting tip 1).  Sure your fingers look messy but...  Whilst in the water the nail polish that is on the skin softens, whilst the polis that is on the nails stays hard.  Most if it flakes off, and that which doesn't you can pick off easily.

I wasn't expecting this to work, but was pleasently surprised yesterday when both tips worked great.  Plus it gave the added advantage of being able to spend the weekend in clear nail polish - thought seeing as it does make the nails a lot shinier than normal I guess I'll be removing it tonight before going to work tomorrow :(


  1. Where would our idle moments be without a PVR eh!

    I'd learned trick 2 from Mrs. J, but never tried trick 1. Ta for that!

  2. You can get quick dry top coats that do the same thing. I use one made by Sally Hansen, called Mega Shine. It is a clear shiny top coat that doesn't just surface dry your polish, it completely dries all layers of polish hard in just 60 seconds. No worries of smudging wet, or partially dried nails. It's great for toenails too. Before I discovered it, I would always ruin my pedicure, because although the polish would surface dry in an hour, it would sometimes take a day or two to truly harden up, and if I put on socks or pantyhose, the weave would press into the soft polish and leave an impression.

    The shower/bath tip is a good one. I always have a hard time doing my toes, without making a bit of a mess. After a shower, just a wipe with a towel removes any polish that got on my skin.

    Melissa XX

  3. I like the idea of the Mega Shine. Whilst the cold water trick works nicely to stop you catching the nails, it does not make the polish 100% hard. If you catch it against something hard / sharp you can see that it's still soft underneath. And then swear a little.


  4. need to remove the polish on your toes, girl, unless you wear flip-flops to work!

  5. Calie - I've never painted my toes... And in the summer we (sometimes) get a beach volleyball court built in the carpark - you can see it on Google maps even. At that point going around barefoot in the office becomes much more prevalent :)