Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Year All!!!

Hey All,

Well back from the Christmas and New Year vacations with both sides of the family. Got a few stories that I'll share over the next week or so :)

The main thing was that I came out to my parents... I had half decided to do it, seeing as we were going as a surprise for his 60th I thought telling them the day after was a good idea (His birthday is on the 2nd January and we left on the 4th).

But... (And this may sound familiar to those that have read other posts over the last few weeks) Halfway through New Years eve I had a panic attack and ended up doing it then.

They have both been great... I told my mum first who's first words were 'I know, I've always known' - pointing out that I didn't do the things that little boys did as a child. Ater talking about whether to tell dad she went and fetched him. I told him and then broke down... I don't think I have ever hugged my dad like that before, or cried into his shoulder like that before. He was also fine - although he did keep on saying that having the heart attack in August puts things into a whole new perspective. I am not sure how fine he would have been before then (Mum ays he would have been fine anyway, and he says he would probably have been fine...)

After an hour and a half with them we went back into the living room (Where Mrs Stace was watching TV - having guessed what what going on). A couple of glasses of Welsh Single Malt later to see in the new year we called it a night.

Over the next couple of days I had more discussions with them. Some of them better than others. My mum is worried that that I am going to transition without thinking, and thinks that I have too many male personality traits to transition. Personally (and this sounds nasty I know) I can't help but feel that those traits come from being told constantly as a chile that 'Boys don't do that' and that 'Boys do this, and play with those toys'. I appreciate that she was trying to stop me getting bullied more than I already did at school, but that comment about the personality traits didn't help my head.

She has since had a discussion with Mrs Stace, who told me what was discussed - which helped.

I had a long discussion with my dad when we went for a walk in the new year, he seems really fine with everything - something that I was not expecting. He hopes that me and Mrs Stace can work things through - as he and my mum feel that we are a great couple. But if not they'll be there, no matter what I decide to do for he future. Even if it is a long distance being there.

And I spent a lot of time appologising for ruining his birthday - which they both kept on telling me I didn't do...

Update: Currently sitting here having kittens... Mrs Stace is at her parents house giving her mum the news...


  1. congratulations and what great supportive parents.

  2. Wow, that's quite a story. It sounds really positive though. Your parents are cool. :)

  3. Overall it was very positive. It's just a shame that they are 1600km's from me for 340+ days of the year...

    I can't beleive how accepting and fantastic they have been.

  4. You and I both had breakdowns to start the new year. All the cool girls are doin' it!

    Your parents sound swell!

  5. To be fair... I decided to end the year on a break down :) Started the new year in a strange new place with parents that new knew everything. See what the rest of the year brings...

    Hope you're doing OK after your start to the year...

  6. So glad it went well, Stace. Happy New Year!

    Calie xxx