Wednesday, 20 January 2010


What's in a name? A few weeks (months?) ago I saw a posting on why people chose the names that they use on Jessica's blog. I answered that I when it came to needing a name (for emails etc to set up the blog) Stacy just dropped into the field naturally - hence I decided to keep it. It's not a name that I had ever thought about, but I am quite happy with it now.

Then I started to notice 'Stacey' all over the place - note the 'e' near the end of the word. From presenters names on Dutch TV to to "Gavin and Stacey' on the BBC. Now my spelling has always been awful, even though I'm an avid reader, and a fear crept over me that I had chosen a name, was happy and comfortable with it - only to find out that I had got it wrong from the start so I did some searching online for girls names. Thankfully 'Stacy' is correct - it's just there are alternative spellings.

So whilst I had it up on the screen I decided to look at the meaning and history:

Stacy and Stacey are just two of 20 variant forms of the name.
The name (for girls) are generally considered to be English shortenings of the Greek Anastasia, meaning resurection.

Seems a little apt somehow :)

Last night I 'spoke' to my parents for the first time since getting back from Scotland. I'd said hello to them a few times but not really about anything. I rang to speak to my dad (I'd just sent him a belated birthday presaent of a few CD's with 'The best of Round the Horne' and 'The Navy Lark' - something we had discussed when we were there over the new year. He seems to like them so money well spent :)

Mum asked how I was doing - I said that at the moment fine, last week and Monday not so great. She asked if I was ill, or was it other things. I explained the latter, saying that it was fine somedays - but others it was all that I could think about and made life difficult, if not impossible. She wanted to do somethig to help, but said she didn't know what or if there was that she could do. I simply said not throwing me out on New Years Eve was enough. She said they would never do that - and I heard my dad yell in the background that they'd never disown me. At that point I was welling up.

It seems that she also has issues with it (with hindsight, duh...). She says that somedays she is so pre-occupied with it worrying about me - how I am feeling, what I have been through in the last 30 years, what I am going to need to do to carry on and if I am going to have a job, friends and most importantly a wife at the end of it. The same things keep me awake sometimes at night - I didn't tell her that. Apparently though this has started them talking about it with each other. When she was sitting there pre-occupied and not hearing when he was talking to her made them start talking - apparently this has helped the two if them, I must say talking about it helps me too.

We had a bit of a chat, ending up in a good palce I might add, and then moved on to discussions over the CD's and my dad's possible next car (my brother is looking to get him an x-type Jag).

It's a shame it was so late when I called as I was about falling over with sleep, and had to get to bed in order to get up in the morning so we called it a day earlier than I would have liked to. Not seeing them means that when I do call I normally spend a couple of hours chatting away to the both of them :)


  1. Well, I was going to make a crack about sending your dad some of your best crossdressing friends (CD's...get it?), but I guess I won't.

    Stace, you are so to have your parents and their understanding.

    Regarding the name thing, I just replied. I had never seen that post, so thanks for linking to it.

    Calie xxx

  2. Now that would have been a test of how well he is coping with it...

    I have to admit I still struggle to beleive how well they have taken it.

    And you're welcome - look forward to reading your comment when it's published :)

  3. Parents eh? :) While their worry may not seem a good thing: I think it shows that they do care. They've taken the time to talk about it between themselves and to you too. I think you have that openness and surely that's a good thing?

    If there's more than one spelling to your name, good luck with getting folk to spell it how you like it. :)

  4. Thanks Lynn. It's nice that they are worrying, and that they are doing it for me. Not what I expected - I just feel a little guilty for giving them more to worry about...

    In 33 years I still get both ways of spelling my birth name, plus a fair few total mispellings over here, so I am not holding out any hope :) Then again I seem to have settled on the shortend 'Stace' so I am hoping that can't go too wrong...