Tuesday, 22 December 2009

End of another year...

I was re-reading my last few posts and decided that I refuse to end the year on a downer. Things are obviously still interesting at home, but I don't really want to talk about that today.

The last two days I've been thanking my lucky stars that when the opportunity came up a couple of years ago to get my dream (affordable) car that my wife let me take it. I got myself a V50 with AWD. Driving around, with TC off and without struggling the last two days when most around me were made me see that it was the right decision. (Though not the reason I got the car :) ).
Seeing as I am heading up through the Cairngorms in Scotland over the new year I decided to treat myself to winter tyres yesterday as well. The difference they make is huge! I can't reccomend them enough. The only downside is that they are noisey compared to normal tyres and I can't play in empty carparks anymore as it just drives in circles instead of drifting in circles (sorry, self-confessed petrolhead - empty carpark + snow = playground).
The scenes that we have here at the moment are just amazing! I'll see if I can post some of the shots I took yesterday from the office window. Watching the kiddies playing in the snow, looking at all of the snowmen that have been built all around and going for walks around the lake where I normally run - it's enough to make me emotional, I love it. Watching my boss get stuck three times in less than 3 car lengths nearly made me cry with laughter...
On that note I am going to sign off for the year - as I've said Christmas with Mrs Stace's family, followed by New Year and my dad's 60th on 2nd January spent in northern Scotland mean that I am not going to be able to read, or write for a couple of weeks.
Merry Christmas all! (Or for those that don't celebrate - Seasons Greetings!), and wishing you all the best for 2010!

Thankyou for helping to keep me slightly sane for the latter half of 2009!


  1. Happy Christmas, Stace! If going to Scotland renders a person unable to read or write, it's a wonder anyone finds their way back out. Leave a trail of bread crumbs, just in case.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas, I wish you a happy one.
    Enjoy playing in the snow.

  3. Merry Christmas, Stace - and go easy on the malt when you get to Scotland. :) Here's to a top new year.

  4. Thanks all!

    Leslie: Getting back is easy, you select 'Return Trip' on the SatNav and hope that the verbal instructions don't take you around a cliff face :)

    Lisa: Unfortunately the snow has now almost gone on the roads - but I had a lot of fun whilst it lasted :)

    Lynn: Easy on the Malt? Surely the point of visiting Scotland at Hogmany is to partake of a least a 'small' tipple :)

    Well definately the last comment of the year - I have to finish of making sure things are going to keep ticking over in my team for the next couple of weeks, and as of tomorrow I'm on my flying visits to Limburg (south Netherlands), Leicester (shudder - sorry Lisa, but I am happy I left it) and then off up north!

  5. Hope everything went well with the holidays, Stace. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from Calie in Cali.

    Loved the pictures.