Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lazy weekend

I wanted to do a quick post today in the same one as the presentation post, but nope, it got too long and it wouldn't have worked for the post.  So you get the dubious pleasure of two posts in one day!

So what have I been up to recently apart from making myself nauseated?  Well, in the last few weeks I have been running flat out.  Although it has been a bank holiday extravaganza here over the last few weeks it's just been too busy to see it as relaxing.

Firstly there was making the cheesecake in the middle of the week:
(Excuse the poor quality, that was taken with my phone!)

It's my take on a Hummingbird Bakery cheesecake - half vanilla, half chocolate and then swirl them together to try and get a marble effect.  Not bad for a first attempt, but my next one will be better!

It tasted lovely, but we ate too much of it!

Then there was baby sitting (including me falling down the stairs).  Cooking for more people than normal which I love, but stresses me out beyond belief.  Seeing other people (again great, but tiring) and last week it was my father in laws birthday and so we spent the day there (eating too much again).

In fact eating too much has featured in the last week as well. birthday cakes, lovely food made by our cook in the office and then on Friday someone suggested getting in some snack bar food for a change. This turned into kebabs, which I enjoyed at the time, but didn't sit well for the rest of the day and probably had as many calories in it as I need in an entire day...

I've found a new workout on the Xbox that just about killed me last week as well. 40 minutes and 400 calories of exercise to compliment my 45 to 70 minute runs that I do three times a week.

And with all of that working out I still weigh exactly the same as 76 days ago when I last weighed myself.  Still in the 23 BMI range, so  not bad, but all of that work and I am not down to the 22 range.  Damn! ;p

But still with everything that is gong on we decided this week to do nothing at the weekend (outside of working out and basic house keeping).  And for once we managed to do what we set out to do :) On Friday whilst shopping I saw E.T. on BluRay for 10 euros.  I loved that film when I was younger and so could not possibly miss the chance and got it.

That is what we watched yesterday afternoon.  It has been remastered beautifully - so sharp and with wonderful colours, and the sound was awesome (I like my sound system ;p).

And both Mrs Stace and I were in tears at the end. It turns out I still love that film, and buying it was a great idea!

So, time for me to make lunch and then do nothing again, except for figure out what I am going to relax to this afternoon.  Ahhhhhhhh.............

But something to leave with you.  After I went running this morning I got my self a double cappuccino and it reflects my weekend to date.

Hope you all had just as good weekends!

  (Sorry, also phone quality...)


  1. Nobody should be allowed to post that they have achieved such low BMI figures! Have you any idea how depressing it is for the rest of us?

    1. I understand that it could be worse, but with at least 21KM runnning per week and coming up for 90 minutes cardio on top of that (since November I have totalled about 450km + all the time in home), I was hoping that I had lost *something*!