Sunday, 2 June 2013

I Love Summer in Holland

It's the nicest day of the year.

I wish I could credit for that, but it is from a photo that everyone in in the office shared on Friday :)

But after an awful week weather wise, more Autumn to winter than Spring to Summer, it half arrived on Friday.  When the sun was out it was beautiful - in fact sitting in the sun eating lunch caused me to start sweating a lot, cascading down me cheeks - I started to feel very self concious!

Then someone suggested a bit of ping pong (we have two outdoor tables for relaxing).  First off I was told by others not to do it (My only concern is that I won't play in skirts, but I was in jeans on Friday so it was fine).  However, I was in 8cm heels, and a few people thought that it would be dangerous. I, stupidly and in far too a blasé manner, just said: "What's the worst that can happen?  I can still program with a broken ankle!"

Stupid!  The amount of times I have been laid up due to a heavily sprained ankle is too large to count, and I know I shouldn't treat it so lightly...  But I got away with it this time,and the wind on my face cause by moving actually cooled me somewhat too.

Whilst I was moving...  Once I got inside for our team stand-up it was worse than ever.  No one said anything during the stand-up, but a few people commented afterwards!

Saturday was not a good day, chilly again and totally overcast.  We made the best of the bad weather by clearing out most of our attic, and taking a load of rubbish to the dump.  A V70 full again (where does it all come from!). The room now has space, and we just need to finish one corner that we didn't have time for this week. One thing that we got rid of this time were all of our old VHS tapes. There must have been a hundred of them, some of them that I still want to get on BluRay, but as we gave away our player it seemed silly to keep the tapes ;p

I BBQ'd again last night, taking advantage of the fact that you don't need to stand next to a Weber BBQ to cook, and can just put the meat in, wait 10 minutes to turn it and then come out to get lovely cooked food 10 minutes after that :) But, I was glad for that option, if was getting quite chilly again and once we had finished easting the doors and curtains were closed and we stayed cosily on the sofa watching Jeff Dunham followed by Endeavour (a prequel to Inspector Morse) - I know - low brow ventriloquist humour followed by high brow detective, an interesting mix!

Today is going to be a lazy day for us after the work of yesterday. I managed to sleep in until 9am (almost unheard of for me) and so it was too late to go running.  I'm now on the terrace set in the garden, with a sky almost devoid of clouds and the shade of blue that makes you put on a very thick layer of sun cream!

I'm going to get lunch in a minute and then it's relax with a book until MotoGP starts, and then I guess I'll drag myself out for the run I should have done this morning :)

Tonight there is no BBQ planned (maybe I got the days backwards...), but instead will be making the hairy dieters chicken korma again. And of course praying that it remains warm enough to use the new table and chairs to eat it al fresco for the first time since buying them more than a month ago!

I don't often stop to chill, but I have a feeling I need it at the moment!


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    1. Crap! Sorry, I clicked the wrong button and Blogger doesn't have an 'Are you sure?' popup...

      But, yes I imagine a few of those did have lifetime guarantees! Re-record, not fade away! (As the skeleton said ;p)


  2. Hi Stace!

    So you tend to sprain your ankles, too, eh? Why am I not surprised by that? :c) Birds of a feather, indeed!

    I also, er, "glow" excessively, as one of my friends teases me. ("Horses, sweat, men, perspire, women glow," she told me. "Then I'm radioactive", was my reply. lol)

    When I lived in Seattle the trainer at one of my gyms was Native American. On one occasion I was working out on a stair climber. She watched me silently as I finished, stepped off, and wiped down the entire machine, all while utterly drenched in perspiration.

    "If you were in my tribe," she remarked as I walked past her, "your name would be 'Two Towels.'"


    == Cass

    1. It started when I was in college, I fell down a flight of stairs (how many of my stories can start with the phrase 'I fell down a flight of stairs - too many I think!) and totally messed up left ankle.

      It too months to fix itself (I needed a couple of weeks of of college as I could not move), and was never that strong.

      Fast forward a year and I was out paint-balling with friends. I did a death slide across an open patch of ground to win the game for my team (yay!) but half way across my left ankle snagged on a root and twisted 180 degrees. I tried to play the rest of the games (after all I'd paid, and didn't want to wimp out) but before the end of the day I had to call it a day. By the time I got home I couldn't walk and my brother had to take me to hospital (my folks were on vacation at the time). That also took months to fix itself and since that second day I can twist my ankle by looking at it in a funny way :(

      And yes, I do get worried when I trip off of a un-level paving slab in my heels! Even my small ones!

      I was told off by Mrs Stace the other day. After finishing my work out on the Xbox I sat on the sofa. When I stood up there was a wet patch. Ewww... ;p


    2. lol Stace, we really *are* kindred spirits! I too can sprain my ankle simply by thinking about it, it seems.

      I fractured mine for the first time when I was 15. I was playing run the bases with friends (it's sort of a variation of stealing a base in baseball). I leapt to catch an errant throw from my friend, and landed on the edge of a graded lawn, causing my ankle to buckle.

      Being 15 and foolish, I chose to ignore the fact that I could barely put weight on it and kept playing for another ten or so minutes, until I had to put weight on that ankle. I simply collapsed.

      One of my friends lifted me up and carried me into the house (I was even scrawnier then, if you can believe it). My friend J's mother was a nurse. She took off my shoe, and instantly my ankle swelled to about ten times its normal size.

      "This is either fractured or broken," she said matter-of-factly. "How the hell did you play on this for ten minutes?!?"

      I didn't know... and wished I hadn't. It turned out to be a fracture. I'm convinced to this day that the young intern who examined me that day didn't apply the cast properly. My ankle was never the same after that. I fractured it a second time later. And I've had multiple strains, sprains, and rollings, one of which resulted in my being hit by that van back in January.

      I've told people that I will only wear flats when I go out, and they all laugh and think I'm kidding. It's either that or wear an ankle brace that matches whatever heels I choose to wear! lol

      if it helps, feel free to pass along my Two Towels story to Mrs. Stace. She may realize she has gotten off relatively easily! :-P


      P.S. Do you perspire even when you are asleep? I can - even in an air-conditioned bedroom! Lord help me... :c)

    3. I was told that once you have dislocated or seriously sprained your ankle it's really easy to do it again. Not fun...

      Touch wood, I've not dropped it for a while and I hope it stays that way! :)