Wednesday, 8 May 2013

So this is why train bathrooms are so awful!

I saw this on a train yesterday, sorry for the flash ruining the English text, but I was trying not to miss my stop at the time as well!

For the non English:

Environmental Friendly Toilet:
for toilet paper use only.
For other materials please use the wastebin to prevent the toilet from becoming blocked.

I do not want to empty that bin at the end of the day!  Or as someone I knew pointed out - this explains the mess at the stations!

And yes Cass - I think this is a perfect example of why you should never underestimate the need for professional writers!


  1. Too funny! And that is a perfect example of what we in tech writer-land call "tone control." ;-p

    Also, having done that kind of work for a number of years (long story), I can attest that it is singularly unpleasant. lol

    I took a photo of a restroom sign at the Seattle Center a few years ago after it literally made me do a double-take. I can't attach it here (boo!), so I'll send it to you, Stace. I think you will get a kick out of it!

    == Cass

  2. It's unreal that something as big as the Dutch train company could get this wrong. Still at least it gave me something to laugh about :)