Thursday, 2 May 2013

Long live the king

So, after good week bookended with less than great days it was time for a long weekend - and, hey, who can complain about that!

Firstly, Friday evening turned the TFS upgrade around.  I got home and checked the server.  Oh dear...  The status of the upgrade had not changed for somewhere approaching 5 hours. Oh dear...  Send a mail to the rest of the team saying that the changes to the server had not helped and it looked like it was back to the drawing board.

This was after seeing good signs in the afternoon and telling them that it was looking promising.

Hmm...  So, a drink later (it was Friday) and a last check on the server before going to bed.  I wasn't expecting anything from it but thought that it couldn't hurt.  This was about an hour after the mail to the team saying it wasn't working.  So obviously it had finished!  OK...  Another mail to the team letting them know that whilst it wasn't great, it was a big improvement on previous attempts and then sleep knowing that there was nothing left from work!

On Friday I got a call to say that the garden furniture we ordered a couple of weeks ago could be ordered, and so I thought with the long weekend ahead picking it up on Saturday would be a good idea. Getting there and back was evil with the car, there were lots of celebrations planned for the coronation on Tuesday and so lots of roads were partially or completely closed.

But...  Happy, happy! When they had fetched the table from the warehouse, and I had paid I asked if there was someone that could help me load it into the car.  No problem he said, the guy standing next to your table will help you.

And, er, actually I'll come along and help him.  (Leaving a queue of other customers...)

So together they came to the car and we had a nice chat on the way about my ability to speak Dutch (they complimented my English accent when speaking Dutch).  They also quietly complimented the car as well, whilst I dropping the seats I heard, "Woh! Double exhausts - what engine must this have!"  Before loading the table and chairs into the back (V70s are very, very useful for this sort of shopping!).  I had to do nothing, not even take the trolley back afterwards. I would like to say that I feel ashamed for letting them do all of the work, but I have to admit it made life easier!

Got back and then got changed for a night out with some friends (bye-bye calorie counting! Hello nice food and drinks!).  It was a great evening, something that we need to do more often.

Mind you...  Good quality German and Haarlem beer is something that I should maybe avoid!  I had the first couple before food arrived, and did I know about it the next day!!!

I did not feel good!  And yet I had not drank *that* much.  1l beer, 1 small wine and an apple brandy. Over the course of 5 hours I didn't think it was so extreme.  My body thought otherwise.  I may be getting old!

Sunday was spent doing, well not much actually...  I tried to do things but it didn't quite happen.  The garden furniture was put together, the old table was dismantled and I even tried to clean the BBQ ready for the summer.  I say try as the long wet winter has taken its toll too much.  The grill was not really something I wanted to use and so it was time for a new one. The BBQ itself is still fine, but the bad thing about a Webber is that the cheapest grill was 30 euros.  I could buy a BBQ for that!  (It wouldn't be as good, and so I didn't - but still ;p)

Monday was spent cleaning the garden and taking the old table etc. to the tip. (Again, a V70 is really useful sometimes) and then collapsed for the afternoon and relaxed.

And then yesterday was spent watching the coronation with Mrs Stace and my Sister-in-law. Not really my cup of tea, but I didn’t fancy staying at home on my own (feeling delicate again…  Actually tears happened in the morning for no reason). But, it was a reasonable day, they didn’t repeat too much on TV.  In the afternoon I gave my niece another skating lesson (she is getting really good now, and even trying to jump! And she found out that you don’t jump when the road is going uphill J).  Orange food for tea and too much wine (small to my brother in law can equal a glass – not that I am complaining, after all I drank it!).


Right now I’m not in the best place again. Not sure why, but I think that it’s good I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow…  We’ll see.


  1. Hi Stace,

    If it makes you feel better, you're not alone. I'm in a bit of a down mood myself today. I stayed home from work, in fact. I'm lucky to have a great manager. I hope your session goes well tomorrow.

    On a similar note, I handle alcohol much more poorly than you! :c) I've had one hangover in my life, and all it took was the equivalent of one and a half beers. (I rarely drink, for various reasons, and I had been in the sun all day on this occasion.)

    My friends were astounded it took so little to do me in. And, being true friends, they never let me forget it, needless to say! They call me the Lightweight - *and* they tell any waitress taking my order ("Could you please bring her drink in a sippy cup?" lol)

    Anyway, I hope your session tomorrow goes well, Stace, and that you have a lovely Friday!


    1. Hey Cass,

      I hope that your mood improved with the weekend!

      My ability to handle alcohol depends on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I can look back at the previous day and wonder how I managed to drink all of it (rarely, when out all night with friends) and sometimes after a single drink I know that I have had enough!

      Never quite managed drunk either... I get light-headed, loud and emotional (according to Mrs Stace) and then do Christmassy things. I've never quite managed to do the actual drunk stage in between though!

      The session was interesting. Another post coming soon!