Saturday, 18 May 2013

Truely amazing people

You know there are some supremely wonderful people in this world.  Something that maybe we forgot sometimes.

I was reminded in the most tear inducing way of just how great yesterday.

We have someone new at the office and he is in my team, so I have spent some of the last two weeks helping he around the company, trying to organise meetings with the people who he needs to know and trying to make him feel at home.

What I had not done is told him what I was going through at the moment. I didn't know if he needed to know, I wasn't sure how he would react and, if I'm honest, it was nice working with someone who didn't know and just knew me as Stacy.

But I'll admit that it can make some conversations really difficult.

Yesterday we had our first one to one, the chat I arrange with the people on my team to ensure that all is going well, and to get feedback from them. We sat in one of the worst rooms - the good rooms were taken and the weather was simply not good enough to take a walk as I prefer to do) but made the most of it.

At the end of the conversation we got onto a topic that was also made difficult and I thought it was easier to tell him than try to talk around it.  So I did.

His reaction was amazing, we discussed it for some more time, and the implications (surgery and time off etc).  It was really nice talking with him.

But...  Great as that was it was not the supreme moment.

No, that came later in the day.

When I got home he had sent  me such an amazing, inspiring and, and I don't use this word often, awesome email that I was in tears.  Now it was really personal, so I am not going to reproduce it here.  But if he stumbles across this blog them: THANK YOU! That people who knew him have accepted me is fantastic. That someone who never knew him does the same, and more is just...  Wow.

I just wanted to share that :)

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