Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Good things!

OK, the last post was not the happiest. And the one before was a little heavy. Needed, sure, but heavy.

But actually life has not been too bad otherwise recently.  A little full maybe :-)

So lets skip back a couple of weeks for a short fun post shall we?

We were having a friend over for food, drinks, chatting and lots of Red Dwarf (that would be a BBC comedy from the late 80's and early 90's - Google it, I promise there are no small guys running around in coloured hats as most people seem to think it is). Now, she also likes my cheesecake, so when I said I was going to attempt a new recipe, or rather decided to try and create my own from a couple that I make regularly, she said that I had to make it for her.

BTW each year this year person has dessert parties to celebrate her birthday.  So...  No pressure then...

(Actually Mrs Stace tells the both of us that we have to go on Master Chef or The Great British Bake Off - and neither of us would ever consider it!)

So on a Thursday evening, after running 10km and whilst trying to make a pasta dish, I started to make a Chocolate Vanilla Swirl (or Marbled - your choice...) Cheesecake. Half a Hummingbird vanilla and half Chocolate.  Marbled together just before being thrown in the oven.  I was very nervous (hate trying new things for guests) but it was not too bad, and past the taste test of Mrs Stace and our friend!

On the Saturday she came and we were chatting for a  long time and then we ate.  And had more cheesecake.  And chatted a bit more and eventually switched on Red Dwarf and watched 4 episodes.  And almost falling asleep on the way up went to bed.

Oh, I think I my have forgotten to include the two bottles of wine that were also in there ;)

Which made me getting up at my normal time, drinking coffee and chatting a bit more and then running another 10km quite unexpected!

Sunday was supposed to be more Red Dwarf, but with the weather that we had that was never going to happen.  And so, as mentioned a couple of posts ago we spent the day in the garden drinking refreshing drinks (rather than alcoholic!) and soaking up the first real sun of the year (in fact the only real sun - it's been terrible since...)

Starting on the Thursday with the Cheesecake, going out with friends on Friday (another post) and then having her over for the weekend made it full.  But very enjoyable :)


  1. Not watched Red Dwarf in yonks. Did you catch/find the last episode that was specially commissioned?

  2. I only have the BBC box set - and as Dave is not sent out over here I've not seen the newest ones...

  3. Thanks to Kelli, I am now hooked on Dr. Who. :c) Working my way through Season 1; she promises there is much, much more to look forward to. Yea!

    == Stace

    1. We are currently working our way through series 2 (I think we are up to the last DVD of the series), we bought the box set at the start of the year. And of course we are keeping up with the current series on BBC 2 :)

      I'll save my thoughts on which is the best Doctor so as not to influence you ;P