Thursday, 10 January 2013

OK, now this I think is innovation!

I was involved in a discussion on Carolyn Ann blog the other day about what is innovation.

Her standpoint was that Apple was and the rest of the tech companies were not.

My standpoint was that none of them are, and Apple is probably the least innovative (pretty, yes, innovative, no)

Well, I am happy to be proven wrong.  Microsoft has come up with the closest thing I have seen to the holodeck from Star Trek: TNG

This is just, simply, stunning!


  1. For a moment there I was confused! Not my blog. Nobody gets shot on my blog...

    I use a mac, not because it is innovative but it is not ugly and the user interface is not blokey and brutal as on PCs.

    Sad fact, if I had only been given a PC to work on I would not be where I am now. the Macs friendly interface saved my life...

    1. Doh! My spelling is woefully poor! Apologies to yourself and Carolyn Ann :)

      As to PC being blokey and Apple not ;p I'm not so sure, nothing can bring out a temper tantrum in me like trying to get the Apple to do something useful :) One of the reasons it's languishing under a pile of dust in the study :)

  2. I got your back Stace. Consider I grew up using Macs and now largely use PCs. I have also gotten many an apple user to switch. Also the only thing Apple innovated was the ipod and selling music online(well maybe not innovated it so much as perfected it and made it possible). Even their beloved desktop was stolen blatantly from Xerox. Not many people know that.

    1. :)

      I stand by my statement that the majority of people who switch the other way are those who refuse to pay more than 600 euros for a 17" Windows machine, but then buy a 2100 euro 15" Apple and go 'Wow' at the difference.

      Being a developer by trade I've always gone for decent powerful machines and so when I got the MacBook Pro it was quite the opposite effect :)

      And no, I don't think that many people do realise that the interface was originally from Xerox (not quite as cool is it ;p)