Sunday, 6 January 2013

Drink and drive, the Dr Phil way

Skipping between channels on Friday morning I came across an episode of Dr Phil where they were discussing the tragic consequences of drinking and driving.

He was talking with families who have lost loved ones due to them, or someone else drinking, driving and crashing.

He ended the show with this comment:

The easiest way to make sure that you are not over the limit to drive is to carry a portable breathalyser with you.

I can't say how shocked I was at this!  I was expecting that sentence to end with 'Is by not drinking if you are going to be driving.  Which I think is kind of common sense.

So now we have millions of people who think that drinking and driving is OK because it's endorsed by Dr Phil.  Just as long as you check you are not over the limit before you drive.

Even worse, if you need a breathalyser to tell you that you are not over the limit then that should tell you enough about whether you should be driving.  In that you shouldn't!

It is a real pet hate of mine.  When I got my license I made the decision that the amount of alcohol that I could drink and then drive is '0'.  That way I know that I am safe on the road.  The closest I have ever got is a small glass of wine and then driven a few hours later, when it was out of my system.

And I think that should be the law as well, alcohol affects people differently and so having one level for the whole populous seems odd.  And telling people that they can drink x before they will lose their license just means that some people assume that they *can* drink lots and then drive home.  Or that if they intersperse their drinks with water it dilutes the alcohol and they can drink extra.

Make the level 0 and you don't have that problem any more...

Oh well, my rant for the day over!  Time for breakfast!


  1. I try to keep to the zero alcohol when I drive or at most a glass of wine or the equivalent.
    I know how bad it can be to drive while over the limit as I did that when I was in my 20s. Drove to get some groceries after having been on a trip to a brewery. Utterly stupid thing to do as well as totally scary. Fortunately I didn't have an accident, got home and vowed never to drive after having more than one drink ever again.

    1. I like you comment 'Fortunately I didn't have an accident.'

      All too often you hear people say 'Fortunately I didn't get stopped.' A comment that winds me up.

      I think that as a driver you should be more concerned with not killing someone than what the police will do to you.


  2. Amen. I rarely drink; I was always terrified I would slip up and reveal my secret. And my father is a retired police officer, so I've heard some horrific stories. E even now, on the one or two occasions a year when I have a drink, I only do so when I can walk home or get a ride from someone who isn't drinking. Doing otherwise is selfish and reckless, plain and simple.

    Sorry. This get's my dander up too. :c)

    == Cass

    1. I must admit I drink, but rarely to excess - I am not a social drinker. I drink because I like the flavour of the drinks (hate the effects though!)

      I just could not believe that someone who is looked up to on TV by millions would make such a stupid statement!


  3. Back in college, I drove a few times when I had no business doing so. I no longer drink away from home, and rarely at home. Even below the legal limit, if I am in an accident, the presence of alcohol in my bloodstream would cast me in a questionable light. I am unwilling to risk that. I let my wife do all the drinking when we are out (she needs it more).

    Drunk pedestrians are forever walking in front of moving cars here, and I don't want there to be any doubt as to my faculties if I wind up hitting someone. Dr. Phil is an enabling dimwit.