Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Sorry, that is a terrible title, but it's about as good as it's going to get today!

After spending 5 hours making the camper, I then spent an hour sorting out pictures.  Some are not completely in focus (I love macro photography, but hate it at the same time!).

If you have a weekend spare I can really recommend this model.  It was a lot of fun, and if it cost us a nice meal out then it was worth it for the entertainment it gave!

That's a lot of Lego!

One door, the tiled floor and covered engine

Side doors, shelves and sink are all in

One of the two (!) instruction books

My favourite small touch - Make Lego Models, Not War!

Doors, seats, table and some windows

The interior is almost done

You've got to have some artwork in your camper, haven't you?  And a plant!
One side done, the other on the way

And we have a roof!  Something is missing at the front though...

See what I mean?  At least the split screen opens :)

Door on, and we can see behind ourselves with the large mirror

Complete with curtains!

And the iconic large dial speedometer!

Scissor lift for the expanding roof

Scissor lift collapsed
Ah, that's what we were missing, the front! It's not going to roll very well though!
And with the chairs unfolded, and table up. And the Lava lamp of course!

Finished, except for a bit of a repair on the engine cover!

All doors open, and the roof up

You know it's a good model when you get a wine glass with it!

Just the roof to put on

With the bed folded open, and the table collapsed

I love this shot - with the engine on display!

And again! Shame about the door handle though - doh!

The iconic front


  1. The best bit about having nephews and nieces was buying them loads of lego and "helping" them play with it. Did I ever mention my own parents meanness?

    Your lego kit looks so much more fun than the old kits we could buy for the kids...

    We finally have something to drive which had rear sliding doors but it will never quite be the same as our old camper.

    1. We got into trouble with our nephew last week. He wanted us to play with the Lego with him and we spent too long building 1980's petrol stations, snack bars and bus stations. He gave up before we did :)

      The kit is a real Lego kit - no prefab panels, everything is made from standard Lego parts - even the t-shirt!

      I'd love a camper - but even the petrol head in me has to admit that unless we win the lottery (that we don't generally enter) that one classic car is already difficult!

  2. That is *way* cool, Stace!!! Great job!

    It reminded me of this classic Calvin & Hobbes cartoon:


    And I guess *this* strip might explain why that model didn't turn out so well:


    That is easily my single favorite C&H strip. Sigh... how I miss them...


    1. Thanks Cass! I still can't believe that the Camper on our speaker started as the photo of lots of bags of lots of tiny pieces!

      And yes I read the instructions! I most certainly could not have done it without it!