Saturday, 21 May 2011


If that is a word... It pretty much describes most of my week though.

I know why I was so exhausted on Monday (or at least I think the appointment at the gender clinic is the reason why I was so exhausted on Monday). But it has continued all week...

I don't know if Mrs Stace and I have been on the verge of coming down with something or not but we we both feeling off all week.  A bit of aching, extreme listlessness and just wanting to sleep.

Coming home on Wednesday I had plans to go for a run, but was that exhausted that I just could not get myself into gear enough to go out.  Traffic jams on the way home didn't help (90 minutes to drive home instead of 45 when you are shattered does not help!) but I don't want to use that as an excuse.  I was just not motivated to get changed and go running...

I have spent a couple of hours in front of the Kinect that I borrowed from a friend.  It's an amazing piece of kit - it doesn't capture you perfectly, but it does work very well.  It's about half as effective as running for burning calories (but then the games that my friend has are the mini game type ones that have as much time between games as moving).  If end up buying one then we will have to get some real exercise games that allow you to work out continually for 30 minutes or more.  I am not planning on swapping running for the Kinect, but if it is 'enough' then it would be nice to do it when the weather is less than clement.

Anyway...  It's now weekend and I seem to have woken up a little.  I managed to sleep in a little later than normal (8am am opposed to 6:45 that seems to be my normal weekend wake up time) and feel quite refreshed.

Let's hope that I manage to stay this way for the rest of the weekend!  I need it - I want to get back on track for my running (as in just doing it!), catch up a little on work that I have missed due to the zombiefication, and I need to start cleaning the house in preparation for my parents coming to visit!  At present the spare bed is being used as an oversized table and there is no room to walk.  I fear that the attic is about to become full to overflowing again...

Right time to hit my route around the lake!

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