Tuesday, 31 May 2011

On shopping and parents

After seeing my Sister in law on Saturday we were on full on finish cleaning mode on Sunday.  We needed to get the spare room finished and the other rooms tidied up.

Those plans got a little scuppered when we got an SMS from my sister in law asking if we fancied going to a Mexx warehouse sale.  Seeing as Mrs Stacy and I like Mexx we thought that we could go down for a quick look and see what is there.  The warehouse is only 20 or 30km's from home so it shouldn't take more than 90 minutes or so to get there, shop and leave.


We were queueing to get in for an hour, spent an hour or more inside going through the racks and paying.  Oops.  Mind you, the clothes were *really* cheap.  Mrs Stace picked up a coat @ about 115 euros discount, I picked up three skirts @ 10 euros each (shop price was 50+ per skirt).  In total we spent 96 euros for a bag of clothing that was probably close to 500 euros in the shop!  That it's last seasons styles really doesn't bother me - I like clothes I like - fashion rarely figures in my choice of what I buy!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon getting the rooms cleaned and prepared and collapsed on the sofa in the evening to try and get some energy back :)

Yesterday morning came and I got ready to go and pick my parents up from the airport.  That did not go well!  My hair refused to go properly, the zapped hair from Friday showed through the foundation and I felt like a mess as a result.  There is nothing like confidence crushing images in the mirror just before leaving the house.  Esp when everything went so well on Saturday with my Sister in Law.

I was in half a mind to give up and get changed again - but I didn't have time to redo my hair as him so I just summoned up all the confidence I could muster and left.  Mrs Stace got a call from a colleague just before I left so she had to stay at home and take that.

I got to Schiphol and struggled to get into my walking shoes.  Eventually got out of the car and then had issues walking to arrivals (for somereason my skirt was full of static and sticking to my tights which meant it was riding up at the front).

I reached the arrival hall and waited for my parents to come out.  Shaking a little from nerves, but actually otherwise I was fine.  I wasn't staring round trying to see who was looking at me.  I was not trying to hide away so no one could see me (the amount of people crowding around the arrivals gate would  have made that impossible anyway!)  They came out we had a hug, walked back to the car and my mum said I looked a bit off.  I explained about the above and she said that if I was not feeling up to meeting them as Stacy why did I not just go as him.  I just thought if I can go out looking that bad and still act with confidence then I should not have an issue in future trips out.  She laughed and said that I didn't look 'bad', and that I still looked feminine.  I just looked like I was out from the night before :)

Got home and had a great day chatting, watching some TV etc.  They had not been to bed for more than 24 hours so they were shattered so they drifted off to sleep occasionally.  I was going to get changed, as the make up was starting to look awful - but my mum managed to convince me that it was fine and that I shouldn't worry so much.  I eventually got changed when they went to sit in the garden.  Should the neighbours see me when I going somewhere, so be it.  But I don't want to just sit in plain view in the garden that is overlooked from every side for Mrs Staces sake.  When they find out I won't have a problem doing it, but for now I'll try to avoid it.  All in al it was a great day.  They are currently asleep still from their travelling, and I am about to go for my run around the lake.  In the rain :(


  1. You never fail to keep moving forward. I greatly admire what you doing and So pleased for you that you are getting so much love and support.

    Is there a plan for being you at work ?


  2. Having been witness to many episodes of women in my life worrying about some aspect of their appearance (including the static cling issue) being not right, it seems to me that you are a bit ahead of the curve in your attitude.
    Your parents sound like wonderful people.

  3. Plans! Why do we make them?

    Look on being seen not at your best as a bonus! You survived and you never have to worry about every little detail ever again.

    Am I allowed to do a LOL?

  4. Becca: I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to pick my parents up as Stacy. Having a family, and wife, that is so supporting makes like that little bit easier. Having the talks with my therapist over the last year has also made a big difference. Without those talks I have no idea where I would be now.

    As for work - I have nothing on the cars with them just yet.

    Halle: ;) The static clinging got to me I must admit. That is something I could have done without! The rest... I know that I am not going to look my best everytime I am out, and so it was a case of just having to do it - esp with the time constraint! The zapped hair showing through the foundation was the one thing that I was really worried about...

    I can't beleive how good my parents are with everything. Before they arrived they were even asking me what I wanted to be called, which name I would like on my birthday card (and whether I wanted a son or daughter card).

    Caroline: I thought we made them just so that we could look back and go 'hmm, that didn't work then' :)

    That is exactly what I said to my parents on the way back from the airport. If I can go looking that bad, to a place as busy as the airport then I should be fine for other places!

    You can do a LOL if you want :)