Friday, 20 May 2011

At last, the others in the office know how to speak to me!

I got this from someone at the office.  I thought it was great, and mostly accurate too :)


  1. LOL. That's completely spot on.

  2. Even though I am neither a Brit nor a Euro, I know enough for this to be really funny. :)

  3. :)

    I got this reply from someone in my team:

    I hear what you say, and with the greatest respect, I think this is very interesting one might even say quite good, nonetheless, I only have a few minor comments. I will convey those over dinner. You must come one day.

    Oh, by the way, I would suggest that you’ll bear in mind that, even though I’m sure it’s my fault that nobody ever understands what you mean, I would be a bit disappointed if this situation continues.

    So.. could we consider some other options?


  4. I'll keep this chart handy the next time one of my British friends makes a comment on my blog. I'll know how to properly interpret the comment.

    Calie xxx