Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hot and Tired!

We have had a bit of a heatwave here in Holland this week, but today it ended.  According to the weather people. However, when I was running this evening I had the impression that it was still hot and dry (and not cold and wet as my phone and computers were trying to tell me).

Assuming that the Volcano in Iceland stays stopped I get to see my parents next week.  They are coming to stay for a week, and I have taken the opportunity to take the week off from work.  I've not seen them since February so I am quite looking forward to it.

And...  Stacy is meeting them at the airport.  Or at least that it the plan at the moment.  Well see what state my face in in Monday morning before making the final choice as I have my final session of laser on Friday afternoon.

Before they get here though we have to first have to clear the spare room so that they can actually sleep, and get the weeds from the garden so (assuming the weather holds) we can sit in the garden and relax.

It's amazing just how much can collect in one room in the house when you use it as a 'just put it there till I get around to it' room...  Everytime we need it we clean it up and swear it will not get into that state again.  It works for a few weeks, and then we start the circle again.  This time though!  This time...


  1. If I may ask, how hot is a heat wave in Holland?

  2. Just whizzed through Holland a week ago, what tall elegant girls you have there, temperatures were just fine unlike the chill here in Scotland.

    Empty rooms are a curse and should be kept locked!

  3. Hmm... Why do I get the feeling what I am classing as a heatwave is going to be laughed at...

    It was high 20's last night when running (and has been for a few days - when not in the wind). We have been sleeping with the windows cracked open for the first time this year.

    And yesterday I had to peel my leathers off after riding home. But then anything over 20 is uncomfortable in leathers...

    Last week was much colder than this week (though from what my parents were saying about the weather over the Black Isle it was still much warmer than there...)

    And yes, living in a land of tall women (well people in general) is just great! Even with my 8cm heels I am not as tall as quite a few people I know! Unlike the UK where I am taller without them...


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