Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sometimes it's the simple things...

Just a really quick post... (I've been writing and proof reading my Live CV for the last week and I need to turn off this screen!)

Today was therapy day - and there was a high and a low...

The low was when turning up in Amsterdam.  My confidence has been quite high recently - and today was thankfully no exception.  Until I arrived and parked the car.  The street was very busy and I totally screwed up the parallel parking (and I thought I was improving there as well - in Hilversum I got it into a spot with no problems whatsoever!).  I had seen when lining up for parking that I was next to a block of flats, and there were a few tracksuited, baseball wearing caps and working on a scooter engine.  I panicked a little at that point - which really annoyed me as I was fine until that point and there was no reason to panic!

I eventually got the car into the fairly massive (certainly for Amsterdam!) spot, took some deep breaths and got out of the car.  Shoulders back, head high and pretended I had the confidence like I did when I was just staring this path.  In the end everything went fine and I just should not have worried!  Quite annoyed with myself...

The good!  The very good!

As Mrs Stace was working in the office today I picked her up at the train station to save her catching the bus home.  We had planned on pasta, but had forgotten the mushrooms.  So we went shopping.  Together, me as Stacy.  And she was less nervous than I was!  She even suggested our local supermarket to save wasting money on parking in the town centre.  A very successful trip, no looks and we got the mushrooms we were looking for.

And Mrs Stace was also fine.

A very good end to the day!  And from such a simple thing as buying a pack of mushrooms!



  1. Well done, and extra kudos to Mrs. Stace!

  2. Maybe it is not appropriate but anytime you mention Hilversum I’m so much tempted to invite you to meet up since H’sum is my hometown
    So here I go:
    Stace, ik zou het heel erg leuk vinden je een keer te ontmoeten. Vindt je eetcafé Dudok een goed idee?
    Hartelijke groet,

  3. Congratulations.
    Its a big step for both of you.

  4. Jenny: Thanks - and absolutely extra Kudos to Mrs Stace!

    Corinna: :) Je hebt mijn mail gehad.

    Lisa: Thanks - it's a big step - but it just seems really interesting that a big step is such a small thing :)


  5. Nice parking job, Stace! Glad you stayed strong, too!

    And also nice to hear that Mrs Stace was fine with things.

    Sorry I'm so behind. I went through another period of not reading blogs.

    Calie xxx

  6. Hey Calie!

    Don't worry, it's nice to see you again!

    Mrs Stace was (and is) superb!