Thursday, 3 March 2011

Unintentional trip

Today was my first therapy session since the beginning of February - through my therapists vacations and my own trip to Leicetser last week.

I had to remember to leave on time today as i needed to recharge my chip card; bank cards over here have a chip that you can move money to (rather than having cash) and the parking meeters in Amsterdam only accept that form of payment.

I should have done it this morning on the way to work, but with the ice this morning it completely slipped my mind.  So I managed to leave on time, stopped at the shops and found the machine out of order.  It would tell me how much I still had on my card (about a euro less than I needed) but would not allow me to recharge it. A quick trip into a shop to ask where there was another charge point and I found it it was too far away to do before I got ready.

And that it was in a busy shopping street.  Gulp, had to happen at some point.  So get ready (hair went wildly wrong, and only after a lot of work could I bring it back to eighties pop video - not great, but doable) and I was off. 

Well nearly...  When leaving my friends house and locking up his door I heard one of his neighbours coming in, that threw me a little.  Nothing to do but just get on with it, so I locked up and left.  Got the the final flight of strairs saw his neighbour, said hello.  And nearly went flying as I missed a step with my heel.  But he was a nice and checked that I was OK (I was, don't worry, I only slipped - I didn't actually fall).  I made a joke and was on my way.

Got to the street, and...  Nothing.  It was a complete non event.  I parked, changed out of my driving shoes, walked to the machine, waited to use it and went back.  No second looks, no sniggering and no comments.  :)  Just the type of sudden outing that was great to build some more confidence.



  1. Yup, just the other side of the M1 :)


  2. Soon it will be so normal you will miss this excitement but also wonder why it seemed such a difficult thing to do.

    Caroline xxx

  3. You know what Caroline...

    I really look forward to losing the exitement...

    I want to be able to think 'Oh damn, we need some sparkling water' and go and get some on the way home.

    As opposed to last night thinking that followed by 'damn, I guess we have to just drink tea and juice'.

    I was so close to thinking screw it, and just going to buy some. But I chickened out in the end (and annoyed myself in the process).

    Oh well, I guess it will come.