Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Three sessions and four days...

Friday afternoon, when I had finished work for the week I had my next laser session.  That makes three now, and marks the halfway point of the initial course that I paid for.  As such I thought that I would do a quick update as to how it is going so far.

The results really are so much better than what I had been expecting from before I started.  Down the left hand side of my face there is almost nothing left - smooth skin has returned for the first time in 10 years.  Down the right there is a little more, but nothing too bad.

The only real problems area's that remain are my lip and chin - which whilst much better than before are still quite covered in hair, which I know are the most dificult bits to clear.  Here I also have an issue where clumps of hairs are left - meaning of course that they stand out a little more than I would like against the surrounding smooth (pale) skin.

With the obvious improvement in facial hair I expected it to be a slightly less painfull experience than before.  Hahahahaha.  Stupid Stace...  Of course not!  The woman wielding the pain started with my upper lip this time and, oh my god, yup...  It still hurt like hell and tears were rolling down my cheeks almost instantly. My neck and chin were painful too, but nowhere near as bad as my lip.  It's really at the points of the clumps - you feel the heat and then the buzz of the EF afterwards and my whle body jerks with the pain.  It doesn't seem to matter what I do to avoid it - my yoga breathing just goes to pot as soon as the pain hits.  My cheeks are at least at the point where they do not hurt anymore - not really surprising I suppose as there is almost no hair there of course.

I was going to say that at least the recovery time is getting better as I could wet shave the next day...  But...  No, I'm afraid not.  The after pain had just not come out - I am now at the pain point again, with the difficulty of shaving that goes with it! Why oh why are fried hairs so difficult (and painful) to shave off? :)

Oh, but it is so worth it in the end...  The woman commented about how well it was going  - saying it's far better than they would have expected - let's hope that means that I don't need to order another 6 sessions in July!


  1. I've done ten sessions thus far (what was initially predicted) and it has been progressively more painful on the lip. I end up in tears every time, but it is so very worth it. Sadly, I think I still have some stubborn black hairs around my mouth that just don't want to go away. So at least one more session for me.


  2. Top lip is still painful but after 8 treatments it's a fraction of what it was. First treatment I was a complete mess for two hours afterwards. Had to go to the pub for two sharpeners straight afterwards

    Good that its working though .... no pain no gain !

  3. But what a gain!

    How did we live with that stuff stuck in our faces for so long?

    Caroline xxx

  4. I have to wait and see what the other sessions bring. I can see me only using the last three for the cheeks and neck, but I wonder what I will need for the lip and chin.

    I guess at some point I should change to electrolysis to clear the last few up... I don't think I am looking forward to that!

    The gain thus far is great (I'm finally using less foundation!) and can't wait for it to be gone completely!

    After finishing the laser I do the weekly shopping - I think that your come down sounds better Becca :)