Thursday, 10 March 2011

I can't beleive that he got lost!

On the Thursdays when I am not in therapy I run with a group of people from the office, some are training for the Hilversum 5km run (I'm one of those) and others just want to get fit.  We split ourselves into two groups: One 10km group, and one 5km group, go our seperate ways and see each other during the acros the Gooische Hai (can someone who know's Dutch better than me correct that spelling please :p)

Today started badly - I was accosted by a colleague just when running upstairs to get changed so I had to rush in getting ready - almost forgetting my heart band in the process!

We started our run and were busy with the warm up when someone fell and knocked her head on the ground. She was OK afterwards, but decided to head back to the office rather than carry on running.  That left four of us.  We completed the warm up, did our stretches and then started running - through the neighbourhood where the office is located and then onto the open country side.

In spite of the cold (and boy was it cold in the wind!) is was a nice day for a run, once we got up to speed we stayed warm enough.  The wild life seems to have returned to the parkland, thankfully not Melissa's wild life but deer and highland cows - though the cows are not my favortite creatures when you have to run within a few inches of them either!

4 mins, followed by 1 min rest and then we started on the longest run of the day - a 15 min semi competition pace run.  All went well - we passed the 10km group as they were coming the other way and made quite some distance.  Too much apparently...

My colleague who was doing the organising managed to take a few wrong turns.  So instead of 4 + 15 + 8 minute runs taking us +- 5 KM's we added another 8 minutes trying to get back and another 3km's.

I'm not really complaining, I just thought it was funny (until we came across the cows a second time!) and at least I have earnt my cider and wine tonight :)

On a less fun note I have a real problem with my jaw today, it is really painful!  I don't know if I have a filling that is going bad (I am going to call the dentist in the morning and try and get an appointment for Monday) or if my nephew managed to cause me some mischeif yesterday when he was playing / struggling to stay in the bath.

He has taken to trying to tickle people constantly, but has yet to learn the difference between pinching and tickling once he gets excited.  And yesterday he grapped the flesh under my chin quite hard, and I am wondering if that has caused a bruise.  Alternatively...  I was giving him a bath last night and he really, really did not want to get out and jammed himself in and gripped the sides making it hard to lift him out.  I had to twist into the shower (where his baby bath is put) and try to free him and am wondering if I stretched something wrong trying to do it.  BTW contrary to what Mrs Stace thinks, I am not try ing to blame him for the pain I am in right now... More trying to convince myself that the pain is that rather than something with my teeth :)

The reason why I am wondering though is my tooth aches a little, but the pain comes when I hold my head in strange positions.  I can touch the tooth, eat normally and tap my jaw with no problem.  But when swallowing, or moving my head or touching the fleshy bit under my jaw it hurts.  I'm going to get the tooth checked anyway - rather get it checked for no reason than not check it and it turns out that is the problem and it goes even worse...


  1. I guess you have to grow up on a farm to appreciate this, but cows really are pretty harmless unless they have calves with them. Even bulls prefer a quiet life unless they are either a bad breed or have been mistreated.

  2. The stupid thing is I know that. But when I see the wee beasties I just can't help going 'gulp'.

    They are beautiful creatures, and I am sure that they are not going to do something (they were introduced to the hai in order to keep it under control, and I am sure they would not have been introduced if they were a danger to the visitors).

    But the cows are huge! And the bulls simply massive. The cows were grazing at the edge of the path - the bulls in the distance, and they looked like they had been built to the wrong scale.

    Massive creatures + twin 1.5 foot long horns = nervous me :)