Thursday, 20 January 2011

Turning evil...

I've been a little evil today, and really enjoyed doing it!

A colleague and friend wanted to go running with me, and so we started today.  He's not fit so I started slowly for him.  I said we would do a 3*3 schedule (three minuets running, three walking for three repatitions).  After a 5 minute warm up.

Sounds nice doesn't it?  And it was meant to be.  Then I missed the three minute mark on my stop watch, and asked do you really need stop stop at three?  "yes" came the answer.  Shame as we passed that point already, give me another 20 seconds and you'll have done four.  Well done.

He didn't even swear at me :)  I hope he cam move tomorrow - I have a day off to get the car serviced so I won't get to see...

I prefer being the personal trainer than have someone fit telling me what to do.  Mrs Stace thinks you have to have an evil streak to enjoy it.  Who knows :)



  1. It's good to be a little bit evil. Keeps folk on their toes. ;-)

  2. Stace,
    It sounds like you had a nice bit off fun there.
    I was going to comment properly but decided to write a post on my blog instead.
    If you'd like a read its at:

  3. Lynn: Hehe. I have to practice the steepled fingers and the right tone of 'Eeeexcelent' :)

    Jenny: wow, remind me not to run with you! When I'm fully fit (as in not recovering from Christmas excess and too much ice so that I couldn't run - well not without falling over every step anyway) I can managed 6KM's at 150bpm. More than that and my knees start to complain so I can't run for a few weeks.

    I have to start my competition training soon for the Hilversum City Run that my company enters - we get about 30 entrants (10 for 5km - ME! - and 20 for 10KM). I'm emarassed to say that even though I did a top 2% time last yeay most of the 10KM's were still running faster for twice as long!


  4. He couldn't walk the day after :)

  5. But it was good for his health, mind and body, Stace. Not so evil!

    Calie xxx

  6. Not in the long run :)

    See how he copes with stepping it up on Thursday (upping the first two running periods to 5 mins for him)