Monday, 31 January 2011

Busy weekend, slow day

The weekend was spent doing a spot of spring cleaning (not quite spring, but we have our niece and nephew coming next week so we are doing a deep clean).  Saturday we got about three quarters of what we wanted to do done.

Sunday...  Sunday was different. I went for my run (the weather was not as nice, but the run itself went well).  Breakfast, more coffee (a *big* part of my weekend) and a long shower.  When I got out Mrs Stace was running up the stairs with my phone.  Our webmaster.  At that point you know your day is probably shot.  And it was.

Our provider was doing some maintenance this weekend and it all went horribly wrong.  I was calling several people over the next two hours to try and get things working again.  Hats off to our web master - he gave up a personal appointment that he should not have had to do in order to get things working again.

So that was my Sunday gone.  By the time everything was working again my mind was spinning from 20 calls in 2 hours and with too many people.

Today I had no energy at work.  Not feeling great, but that was not the reason.  Whilst the weather had been getting warmer the radiators had refused to turn off.  Now of course they had, I was cold to my bones and the atmosphere was just awful (and I don't mean emotions).  I think that one of my team showed just how bad it was.  He was in an all day meeting with an external consultant.  I saw him in the kitchen in the afternoon when I was about to fall on my keyboard - as the others looked like they were going to so as well.  He, not spending the day in a CO2 rich office was full of the joys of spring.  I chatted for a few mins and had a sudden rush of energy.  I got back, blasted a few jobs and just when I was starting to enjoy my second wind it vanished.  Seriously, the sooner we move to the other room the better.  Even more so for the company!

Then I came home and got a wonderful text from my boss.  The time and channel of a documentary about a transgendered Japanese artist.  Even started the message with a joke about yesterday (which was good - I saw the text was him and thought nasty words, expecting the worst with the site).

I just think I'm quite lucky to have a boss like him (even if he can be infuriating at times :p) 

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