Saturday, 1 January 2011

And a new one just begun.

Sorry thought I'd keep the title running from yesterday :)

We had a very late night last night, we celebrated the Dutch New Year, waited an hour and did it all again for the UK one.  It was a quiet day, except for the constant fireworks that I mentioned which continued past 3am.

Today was late getting up (10am, I *never* sleep in that late!) and having nothing to do.  Lovely.

I did go for a run for the first time in weeks (the ice has just about gone).  Was great to get out again, though after 3KM's I was thinking wow three weeks makes a lot of difference! I'm going to stick at 3 for a week and go back to 6 next week I think.

The weather here has changed for the better.  Warm - compared to the last few weeks, sunny and dry.  It should stay that way for the next week so I am planning on being the first to go to work with the bike on Monday whilst there is a break in the weather.  I oiled the chain and checked the oil today, and took it for fuel and to pump the tyres up at the local petrol station.  It was a wonderful ride, but I was reminded why I have a neckerchief when I went the long way home and froze my neck at anything over 40mph...  But the roads were fine - which is what I was checking - and so if it does not freeze tonight I'll be riding tomorrow!

Right, another Jamie Oliver creation is calling.

Hope you all had a good evening last night.


Oh, one final thing.  I did something yesterday that I did not enjoy doing too much...  I blocked someone for the first time. The image used in the avatar was a little less than PG I thought, and whilst I am not a prude I would rather that kind of picture was not associated with this blog.  Sorry Sasha.


  1. We used to get two new years on the ferry I worked on- a faintly serious UK one, with Big Ben on the Tannoy and the captain self-consciously bidding us all a HNY; then a Spanish one an hour later, with the rather more raffish-sounding bells of Madrid and much hilarity from the Spanish crew... they had this habit of swallowing a grape to each bong of the clock. Do the Dutch have any odd customs?

    Happy NY!

  2. Hmm, Dutch new years traditions...

    I think that Oliebollen (big ball shaped doughnuts - it literally means oil balls) and stupid amounts of fireworks are about it...



  3. Geez! I don't even look at who's following my blog. I suppose I should?

    Calie xxx

  4. Hey Calie,

    It's not something I check on often - however there are certain stereotypes associated with our community, and I would rather not have upskirt shots on the page enforcing them...