Friday, 7 January 2011

That stings a little...

Auw, Pijn!

Today was the first day that I did something that was not undoable.  Ctrl-Z is not available, for the geeks out there.

I went for my first laser appointment.  I booked it for Friday afternoon to give my face the weekend to recover; I can do without people I work with asking me what on earth I have done to my face.

How was it?  You know that is a tough one to answer.  There were places where I hardly felt a thing – where there was not much hair anyway (I’m lucky in that I don’t have that much coverage!).  On my chin and lower lip it was excruciating!  On my upper lip less so – but that is the area that brought tears to my eyes for some reason.  But if I think back I could not actually describe it.  Maybe that’s a good thing :)  I do know that I’ll try to remember that the next time I am on the chair with the mouth hygienist – as bad as that is, it’s not a patch on this…

I have another appointment in 4 weeks.  I think that I’ll try some painkiller pills next time, if I can avoid the hassle of the cream I will.  I’m just glad they didn’t start on a higher setting.

To throw a clich√© in there: and people think this is a lifestyle choice…


  1. I'm sure you will consider it worth the effort in time when you have had enough sessions to show an appreciable difference. Meanwhile, keep selling the experience to the rest of us, why don't you! :)

  2. Hey do you want the truth or some sugar coated candy ;p

    I don't look like Jack Nicholson (thankfully)!

    Seriously though, I'd rather know it'f going to hurt, than not know and find out before you have a chance to prepare yourself :)


  3. Auw is the same in both languages.

    So no pijn, no gain, but what a gain when it starts to show.

    Congratulations Stace.

    Caroline xxx

  4. lol.
    I remember my firsst session well.
    It is painful but I will say it gets easier as you have less hair to zap.

  5. I don't remember it ever getting less painful. Although eventually there was nothing dark left to zap, and lots of electrolysis to follow up. You wanted to know that, didn't you. :)

  6. I remember my first session all too well. Its hurt like nothing I have ever experienced before - left me in a total mess afterwards. You are going to love the next couple of weeks as it all falls out and you are left smooth. Shame that some of it grows back though !

    Bets of luck


  7. As Bill Clinton used to say, "I feel your pain." Hopefully it will get better, which each successive treatment. And as Caroline said, " no pijn, no gain", whatever that means. ;-)

    Melissa XX

  8. Caroline: Yup, I imagine the flinching at each zap is the same in each country as well...

    Voor iets hoort iets nl (If you want something you have to accept something - plus mius anyway)

    Lisa Maria: :) I don't think I will be forgetting the session in a hurry!

    Ariel: Oh great, fill me with joy for the future ;p

    I'm (possibly naively) hoping the electrolysis will be as little as possible as I am not yet going grey... Please, please, please...

    Becca: I can go with the 'like nothing I've had before', and I've had some pretty intense injuries and operations in my youth! By the time she was finsihed I was shaking like a leaf! But I can't actually remember the pain itself - just the fact that it hurt like hell!

    Melissa: :) It was a choice between 'Auw, pijn!' or 'Dat doet zeer!!!' I thought the first was the easiest for someone who doesn't speak Dutch. It's pronounced 'pine', as in the wood - but I think you get what it means :)


  9. I also can say I have never felt a pain like that, my upper lip right below the center of my nose had to be the most painful. I did all of mine with no cream or pills, I had tears rolling down my face most of the time. I almost broke a squeezy ball a couple of times.
    Favorite quote by the asthetician, "this is going to hurt a bit, and might bring tears to your eyes...ready?" my response was "just a bit?!?!"
    In the end its all worth it, thats what kept me going back.

  10. I like the idea of a squeezy ball - I'll have to get one.

    The center under my nose was the point where I had tears streaming down my face.

    I liked the whole 'Ready?' before each new area with me saying 'Does anyone say yes?' 'Er, no :)' as a reply...

    It's worth it - otherwise there is no way I would be going back for a second attempt!