Thursday, 8 June 2017


I was back at the hospital today for an emergency checkup on my hands. A ‘bobble’ has appeared on my knuckle and I’m was a little worried about it. 

After sending pictures to the hospital they decided that the surgeon should take another look.

So, another set of x-rays and off to see the surgeon. He was actually very happy with what he saw, the bones are rebuilding themselves nicely, the movement I have is better than he expected (I guess the pain of physiotherapy is worth it!) and the scars are looking much further along than expected after the three months it’s been since they were made.

And the bobble? Well, after the trauma that that bone has had during my life it’s to be expected, unfortunately. The bobble is simply deformation of the 2nd metacarpal. The x-ray is quite shocking, it’s three metacarpals looking normal, and one looking like a cork screw. 

I do find it sad, that and the scars across the hand, but it could be so much worse so I count myself lucky…
The picture? The orthopedic outpatient center, which like my hand, is currently undergoing some rebuilding work :)


  1. Ouch. Bad news, but as you say, it could be worse. I hope the marks won't be too bad, and with time, they may well fade.

    1. Two of the marks were already there, actually they look better now than they did before! This surgeon was very good in cleaning up the wounds, whereas the previous one seems to simply stitch them back any old how and the wounds ended up massive!

      The pain isn't too bad, except for when I try to do too much, but I just wish I could not see the deformed hand and thumb (others have told me that it's not visible if you don't know, and yet that doesn't help...).

      But, great news that it is healing better than expected!