Thursday, 1 June 2017


Today I applied for my first Dutch passport, of course for that you need a picture. Though I don't think they'll like this one :)

Another wonderful, though too hot, day here in Holland (yes, this picture is from Nord Holland so I can say that ;p) and a great sky looking from the train station next to the photo shop.

And the passport, such a simple process. 35 minutes from leaving home to cycle to the town hall, to completing the application (hand over the photo, prove who I am, sign a form and scan my fingerprints​) and cycle home. Considering the round trip was 5km for the cycle ride and whilst not slow, I'm not quick either, you can imagine how quick the process it! The UK can learn a lot from it - my last passport application was much more work, took more time to complete and get everything needed for the application and took 2 months to get the actual passport. 

I go back next week to pick up this one. And that isn't an express request!

Yes, I'm proud of my first NL passport, and more than impressed with the process sofar!

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